800 Toll-Free & 600 Service

Empowering easier & faster customer communications with a unique number for your brand.

Your route to easy, satisfied & happy customer communications!

Investing in a personalised number for your brand comes with plenty of major business benefits but the biggest one being happier customers.

With a unique and easy-to-remember number by your side, customers are presented with the option of reaching your business easily or having their calls returned by offering your resources to them at no or minimal costs plus enhancing the overall customer experience.

Moreover, having a personalised number doubles as marketing tool by unifying your brand name with your number and increasing your brand’s exposure.

Etisalat offers two categories of personalised number services ranging between a toll-free option and the other devoid of an area-code.

Explore each to find a plan that fits your business needs!

The Difference Between 800 Toll-Free & 600 Service


800 Toll-Free

With an 800 Toll-free number, your customers can reach your business from anywhere in the U.A.E for free! Your business would also enjoy the convenience of 24/7 dedicated support, call routing and streamlining, online call tracking, optimisation, and much more!


600 Service

The 600 Service offers your business a centralised number devoid of an area-code which equals it operating across all of the emirates in U.A.E. It gives your business credibility, improves your visibility in the market and can be configured to address a wide variety of a sales, marketing, or service needs serving as an effective customer satisfaction strategy.

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