The Evolution of Ecommerce & Retail Ecosystem

Digitize Your Business

There’s no doubt that the global pandemic has significantly changed the way retail industry operates. Transformation and innovation have become the key factors for survival and prosperity; and businesses have comprehensively invested in digital technology to enhance their “customer journey”. With these innovations in mind, it is hard to look beyond Ecommerce as potentially the most significant transformation in the history of the retail industry. 

Join our latest live webinar to learn how you can grow your business in the world of Ecommerce, leverage the power of data, increase your reach with digital marketing, and streamline your business operations.

Meet Our Speakers


Esam Mahmoud

Sr. Vice President/Small & Medium Business, Etisalat

eCommerce_Speakers_Owen Farrow_384x225px

Owen Farrow

Leader - Consumer Products & Retail, IBM


Ravi Neb

Vice President/Business Marketing, Etisalat

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