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Mobile Security

Safeguarding Your Android Devices

Enjoy Threat-Free Access to the Digital World.

Ensure effective protection of your Android business devices with a comprehensive solution that identifies and swiftly eliminates danger.

With Mobile Security you’ll receive ultra-effective protection against viruses, malware, and a multitude of other cyber threats.

What makes our Mobile Security unique?

Available for Free to All Etisalat Business Customers

Our comprehensive Mobile Security solution is free of charge to all Etisalat Business and Business Pro customers.


No Separate App Required

For convenience, Mobile Security is completely integrated with the Etisalat Business Mobile App.


No Hidden Fees. No Extra Costs

All the features of Mobile Security are available to every subscriber - no advanced features are hidden behind paywalls.


A Lightweight App

Our Mobile Security solution is compact in memory size, ensuring it has no negative impact on your device’s performance.


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