Terms & Conditions

  1. Introduction

These specific terms and conditions (“ServiceSpecific Terms”) apply in relation to the provision of the Service by Etisalat to the Customer, in addition to the other constituent parts of the Agreement between Etisalat and the Customer.

  1. Definitions
  • Agreement” means the entire contractual agreement between Etisalat and the Customer in relation to the Service, comprising of those constituent parts listed in Clause 2.1 of the General T&Cs (Business).
  • Customer” means the person / entity who purchases or subscribes to the Service.
  • Etisalat” means Emirates Telecommunications Corporation PSC.
  • Effective Date” means the date on which the Service Application Form is submitted to and accepted by Etisalat;
  • General T&Cs (Business)” means Etisalat’s general terms and conditions for business products and services which are published on Etisalat’s website and are available through the other communications channels referred to in Clause 34 of the General T&Cs (Business).
  • Minimum Term” has the meaning given to it in Clause 4(b).
  • "of these Service Specific Termsses ervice m installation, please let us know if this is not correct.attention of all relevant iTerm” means the term of VSaaS Service as determined under Clause 4.
  • VSaaS Content” means any and all content (including all images, video, audiovisual and data) captured, collected or uploaded as part of the VSaaS Service, including all content hosted by Etisalat as part of the VSaaS Service, which shall be Content for the purpose of the Agreement.
  • VSaaSService” or “Service” means the video surveillance as a service provision to be supplied by Etisalat to Customer, as described in more detail in Clause 3, which shall be a Service for the purpose of the Agreement.
  • Etisalat VSaaS Service is a managed CCTV service providing surveillance solution packages to customers. The packages include hardware (cameras and network video recorders or NVRs), software (Video Management Solution with cloud storage) for remote viewing on customer mobile devices). Customer has the option to subscribe to one, multiple or all add-ons available for cameras, NVRs, cloud storage, and analytics.
  • Etisalat Scope of Works

The scope of the VSaaS Service may include any or all of the following elements (as detailed in the relevant Service Application Form):

  1. Installation of new IP cameras (bullet and dome)
  2. Installation of NVR with local storage
  3. Enable available analytics (for which purposes, Etisalat may require access to the VSaaS Content hosted on behalf of Customer)
  4. Provision of the required cloud-based storage as per the Service Packages described in Clause (3/C & D) and for video streaming only and not for any perosnel use.
  5. Provide access to video recording software (web based and mobile app)
  6. Provide managed service for all those components including repair or replace warranty (as detailed in Clause 10 of these Service Specific Terms).
  7. Complete reactive monitoring and management of the hosted infrastructure from Etisalat Managed Service Solution (“MSS”) team for the contracted term
  8. VSaaS Content viewing and downloading will be responsibility of the Customer
  • The VSaaS Service is offered in a number of variations (“Service Packages”) defined in the Service Application Form. Customer has option of enhancing the packages by increasing cloud storage and adding additional NVRs and cameras. Customer can also add additional analytics, subject to per analytics per camera.
  • Etisalat will deliver to the Customer cameras and NVR’s with local storage device (i.e. Hard Disk) depending on the Service Packages ordered by the Customers. The Customer may request additional NVR’s with local storage, cameras, additional cloud storage and advanced business analytics, which shall be charged according to the add-on charges and packages communicated to Customer and billed additionally. All cameras, NVRs and other hardware or equipment delivered to Customer, installed at the Customer Site or used in connection with the VSaaS Service shall be Etisalat Equipment for the purpose of the Agreement until customer clears Etisalat hardware costs. Please see Clause 8 of the General T&C (Business) for the provisions governing the Etisalat Equipment.
  • Customer can subscribe to multiple packages for one or multiple sites, each of which shall be at Customer Site for the purpose of the Agreement. Please see Clause 7 of the General T&C (Business) for the provisions governing access to any Customer Site.
  • Customer will be given a password protected access with single sign on to login into Etisalat B2B portal or Etisalat mobile app.
  • The VSAAS Service information made available to Customer may, depending on the Service Packages detailed in the relevant Service Application Form, include :
    1. live view per camera /site.
    2. recordings per camera /site.
    3. analytics reports
  • Customer can access, copy or remove videos directly through local storage. USB port is provided in NVR for these operations.
  • This Agreement governs the subscription and the use of VSaaS Service. Save for the Service Packages detailed in the relevant Service Application Form, any requirement of associated and/or supplementary hardware, software, civil or mechanical work shall be the sole responsibility of the Customer. ETISALAT may alter, expand, or reduce the features of the Service from time to time in accordance with Clause 24 of the General T&C (Business).
  • Dependencies:
    1. The VSaaS Service requires that Customer must have at-least any one of the following base services to avail the VsaaS service.
      1. Business Super
      2. Business Super Plus
      3. Internet Bundle from Business Edge
      4. Business Quick Start (Business Super + Voice)
    2. The managed router and access devices (e.g. ONT) should be on UPS power provided by the Customer.
    3. Building and layout diagrams should be provided by the Customer in advance of installation
  • External / Internal Shifting

The Customer shall not be permitted to move the location of any of the Etisalat Equipment at the Customer Site used to deliver the VSaaS Service, unless such move is needed in accordance with the provisions of this section or otherwise the prior written consent of Etisalat is obtained.


  1. The Customer may only move the Etisalat Equipment for the VSaaS Service to a different Customer Site where the base internet services procured by the Customer from Etisalat are also moved to a new Customer Site.
  2. Customer will be charged an additional one time charge (OTC) on the base product, which includes OTC for external shifting of the VSaaS Service per Customer Site to which the move relates.


  1. Relocating Etisalat Equipment for the VSaaS Service within the existing Customer Site in which this is permitted.
  2. Customer will be charged an additional OTC for internal shifting per Customer Site, regardless of the number of cameras, as detailed in the Service Application Form.
  • Exclusions:

The following matters shall not be included in the VSaaS Service and/or the Etisalat Equipment to be provided by Etisalat and shall be the sole responsibility of the Customer:

  1. civil / electrical/ plumbing
  2. Customer to provision for its own LCD monitor and monitoring workstations for viewing Content;
  3. Racks.
  4. Conduit should be in place for pulling CCTV cables
  5. Luxury and designer false ceiling opening to lay cables.
  1. Commencement AND Duration
  • The Agreement is valid and binding on and from the Effective Date.
  • The Agreement will commence on the Effective Date and will remain in force for a period of 3 years (36 months) (the “Minimum Term”). and continue thereafter, unless and until terminated by either Party in accordance with the terms and conditions of the Agreement, including Clause 13 and 14 of these Service Specific Terms.
  1. Customer Obligations AND Restrictions
  • Customer to provide power to the Etisalat Equipment.
  • Customer to provide access to LAN Network for the Etisalat Equipment.
  • VSAAS service orders cannot be cancelled once appointment is set, or a physical site visit is done.
  • Service cabling includes tunneling only by Etisalat BSFM, and extra cabling is chargeable, 20m is given by default per camera.
  • Customer to provide access to Internet connection and router. Customer is responsible to ensure vacant LAN ports on Etisalat router to connect the NVRs. In absence of a vacant LAN port, Customer may arrange additional switch.
  • Customer to ensure sufficient available bandwidth on current network. (1 camera needs 2.5 Mbps upload speed approximately).
  • Equipment physical and access security will be the Customer’s responsibility. Customer is responsible for physical security of the video stored in NVR.
  • Customer shall provide Etisalat with office space and communication facilities (Telephone/Internet) on each Customer Site, including such assistance as reasonably requested by Etisalat in order for Etisalat to deliver the VSaaS Service.
  • Customer shall also provide necessary access to IT/ general infrastructure to the Etisalat’s project team, including such assistance as reasonably requested by Etisalat in order for Etisalat to deliver the VSaaS Service.
  • Customer shall be responsible for integration of any kind to any other system with the VSaaS Service and any integration is not within scope of Etisalat’s obligations under this Agreement.
  • Provision of Telecom link connectivity to each computer located at the Customer Site is Customer’s responsibility.
  • Stable power supply to the Customer Site systems is the Customer’s responsibility.
  • Customer is obligated to timely provide all relevant information and assistance required by Etisalat to deliver the Service to Customer.
  • Customer is responsible for all persons accessing the VSaaS Content using the Customer's accounts and passwords
  • Customer is responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of Customer's accounts, passwords and personal identification numbers used with Customer's accounts.
  • Customer shall abide by the rules and quality assurance standards adopted by Etisalat for proper use of the VSaaS Service systems.
  • The Customer shall be fully responsible for losses, damages or breakdowns of Customer Site and/or VSaaS systems and Etisalat Equipment arising from negligence or misuse during VSaaS Service subscription period and shall also bear all charges howsoever that may arise.
  • Customer:
    1. is the sole owner of and solely responsible for all VSaaS Content (including a personal data contained therein);
    2. agrees that it shall comply with and ensure the Content is in compliance with the requirements of Clause 6.2 of the General T&C (Business);
    3. shall ensure the removal or deletion of any VSaaS Content which is not in compliance with the requirements of Clause 6.2(a) or (b) of the General T&C (Business); and
    4. acknowledges that Etisalat has no responsibility for any VSaaS Content (and where Etisalat provides cloud-based storage, Etisalat shall be a hosting provider only and not responsible for the VSaaS Content itself).
  • Customer shall be responsible for determining the location of cameras and NVRs and shall ensure such locations are appropriate and in compliance with applicable law.
  • Customer shall ensure all necessary notices or signage informing individuals of the existence of the cameras and NVRs at the Customer Site shall be displayed and/or bought to the attention of all relevant individuals. Customer shall be responsible for the content of such notices.
  • Customer shall comply with all applicable laws and regulations while using the VSaaS Service as well as any usage of the images recorded and stored of any individual by the VSaaS Service.
  1. Etisalat’s Obligations

Etisalat will provide the Service to the Customer based on these Service Specific Terms together with the other constituent parts of the Agreement, and in accordance with the law.

  1. Charges, Billing AND Payment

 Please see Clause 12 of the General T&Cs (Business) for the charges, billing and payment provisions that apply to the Service.

  1. CUSTOMER CREDIT, Advance Payments AND Deposits

Please see Clause 13 of the General T&Cs (Business) for the customer credit, advance payment and deposit provisions that apply to the Service.

  • Etisalat will be responsible for the installation of the Etisalat Equipment and will install the Etisalat Equipment detailed in the relevant Service Application Form, which may include Camera/s, NVR/s, including cabling from camera points to NVR port with an active route to the Internet and trunking of cable. Unless otherwise agreed, Installation will cover up to twenty (20) metres of ethernet cable per camera. Additional charges applicable for points beyond twenty (20) metres.
  • Etisalat will coordinate with Customer to obtain all relevant information needed to carry out standard installation and configuration of the Etisalat Equipment.
  • Configuration and provisioning of devices to Etisalat Video Management System (the “VMS”) and on-boarding of user accounts through remote configuration portals will be provided by Etisalat team.
  • Installation, activation and ongoing support shall be provided by Etisalat’s Business Service Fulfilment team.
  • Customer shall ensure Customer Site readiness to ensure no delay occurs for installation of the VSaaS Service. Customer Site readiness shall include but not be limited to the internal structured cabling, main power supply, proper ventilation or air conditioning, rack mounting cabinet and the safety environment of all installed Etisalat equipment at the Customer’s site.
  • Delivery and installation of Etisalat Equipment will be carried out on dates agreed between Etisalat and Customer following acceptance of the Service Application Form (which shall typically be within three (3) to five (5) business days), provided that Etisalat delivery dates are an estimate based on current lead times. Etisalat will use commercially reasonable efforts to deliver the Etisalat Equipment as agreed between the Parties and specified in the Agreement.
  • If Customer delays result in delay in delivery of the VSaaS Service for more than thirty (30) calendar days from the agreed delivery date, Etisalat will cancel the Service Application Form and the Customer will be liable for early termination charges.
  • Installation and subsequent relocation/ shifting of the VSaaS Services shall only be carried out during normal business hours (Sunday to Thursday: 8:00 AM – 2:00 PM / 3:00 PM – 6:00 PM) and shall not be carried out during public holidays.
  • Customer will contact Etisalat through Etisalat CCC, 800 5800.
  • Where needed, Etisalat technician to visit the Customer Site.
  • Replacement of Etisalat Equipment will be covered under a repair-or-replace warranty for 3 years which begins from the date of installation.
  • In the event that any item of Etisalat Equipment requires replacement during the term of this Agreement, Etisalat will replace the defective device as soon as reasonably practicable (with a target resolution time of the next business day) without any additional charges, provided that the device has not been altered or modified, in any way whatsoever, or suffered any abuse, misuse or mistreatment by the Customer and that any defects of the device are not attributed to the Customer or any third party.
  • In the case of onsite hardware failures and upon the Customer’s request, Etisalat may carry out an on-site inspection.
  • Customers will receive post-installation support for Etisalat Equipment during the Term.
  • For any configuration changes in the VMS, Customer will raise a request to Etisalat managed support team. Customer will be informed about the change completion and start using the service.
  • The Customer understands that as part of its customer support, Etisalat may require remote access to any Etisalat Equipment and the Customer-owned equipment connected to the VSaaS Service. The Customer agrees to provide such remote access as may be required from time to time.
  • Etisalat will inform the Customer of any of end-of-life support or end-of-sale for any Etisalat Equipment used in connection with the VSaaS Service that are no longer manufactured by the relevant third party supplier. All affected models on end-of-sale will be supported until the end of the Term. Customers will be notified of the event of end-of-life support and upon such notification they shall contact Etisalat to plan and budget to move to more recent Etisalat Equipment models.
  • Where the Etisalat Equipment has reached end-of-life support during the Term, Etisalat will replace the existing Etisalat Equipment at no additional cost.
  • Customer having VSAAS on legacy product can move and upgrade to UCAAS offering only.
  • Migration between legacy products is not permitted without the prior written consent of Etisalat.

Please see Clause 20 of the General T&C (Business) for the provisions governing the licence of rights to use the Etisalat Equipment and any associated Software in connection with the VSaaS Service.

  1. Suspension, Disconnection OR TERMINAtION BY ETISALAT

Please see Clause 17 of the General T&Cs (Business) for the provisions governing the suspension, disconnection and termination of the Service or the Agreement by Etisalat.

  1. Termination by the Customer
  • If the Customer wants to terminate the Service, he/she must give Etisalat [30 days’] prior written notice.
  • The Customer acknowledges that, upon receipt of the Customer’s termination notice, it may take up to 30 days to terminate the Customer’s account.
  • If the customer elects to terminate with in the first 12 months of the contract the exit charges would be calculated as follows:
    Exit Charges for VSAAS Contract=remaining number of months of contract × monthly rate subscription of VSAAS package
  • If the customer elects to terminate after the first 12 months of the contract the exit charges would be calculated as follows:
    Exit Charges for VSAAS Contract=3 × monthly rate subscription of VSAAS package

The Customer may contact Etisalat to discuss the Service (including these Service Specific Terms and the General T&Cs (Business), or any other product or service offered by Etisalat, by using any of the communications channels stated in Clause 34 of the General T&Cs (Business).

  1. VAT

Please see Clause (14) of the General Terms and Conditons (Buisness) for the provsions governing VAT Value Added Tax that apply to the Service.

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