Etisalat’s Video Surveillance – The Low Speed or No Internet Plans

Have no internet or running an internet speed of under 100mbps? No problem…the plans below are perfect for you:

Free Installation! Save 400 AED!
Package 1

4 CCTV Camera Package

    • 4 Cams (Dome / Bullet)
    • 4 Channel NVR
    • 4TB Hard Disk
    • 45 Days Local Storage
    • 7 Days Cloud Storage
AED/ Month

5% VAT excluded

Free Installation! Save 800 AED!
Package 2

8 CCTV Camera Package

    • 8 Cams (Dome / Bullet)
    • 8 Channel NVR
    • 6TB Hard Disk
    • 45 Days Local Storage
    • 7 Days Cloud Storage
AED/ Month

5% VAT excluded

Free Installation! Save 1600 AED!
Package 3

16 CCTV camera package

    • 16 Cams (Dome / Bullet)
    • 16 Channel NVR
    • 12TB Hard Disk
    • 45 Days Local Storage
    • 7 Days Cloud Storage
AED/ Month

5% VAT excluded

Free Installation! Save 3200 AED!
Package 4

32 CCTV Camera Package

    • 32Cams (Dome / Bullet)
    • 32 Channel NVR
    • 24TB Hard Disk
    • 45 Days Local Storage
    • 7 Days Cloud Storage
AED/ Month

5% VAT excluded

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VSAAS Add-ons

Customize your VSAAS package by choosing a range of add-ons along with your base packages.

VSAAS Cloud Storage add-on charges

Packages 30 days - AED 39 /per camera/Month 60 days- 63 AED/per camera/Month 90 days- 94 AED/per camera/Month
4 camera package AED 156 /month AED 252 /month AED 376 /month
8 camera package AED 312 /month AED 504 /month AED 752 /month
16 camera package AED 624 /month AED 1,008 /month AED 1,505 /month
32 camera package AED 1,248 /month AED 2,016 /month AED 3,008 /month

VSAAS Camera add-on charges

Charges (AED)
Monthly rental AED 39 per month
Installation OTC AED 100 per camera (one time charge)

VSAAS NVR add-on charges

Package 1
4 Channel NVR
Package 2
8 Channel NVR
Package 3
16 Channel NVR
Package 4
2x16 Channel NVR
AED 49 per month AED 98 per month AED 196 per month AED 392 per month

VSAAS Analytics add-on charges

Monthly rental AED 49 per month

Video Analytics

People Count

Heat Maps


Queue Management

Important to Know

About VsaaS

If you’re searching for basic broadband packages with standard internet speed, your search has been successful! 

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Why Video Surveillance from Etisalat

Easy onboarding

Dedicated teams that will deploy, manage, troubleshoot, and support the solution, plus free training and account configuration.

Productivity and Time saving

The right tool is here to help you relieve the burden of being your own boss. Providing you with our aftersales services you can focus on growing your business.

Cost reduction

Minimal monthly charges with no hidden costs. Reduces your internal resource allocation.

Secured Business Improvement

End to End managed Security View life & playback recordings remotely for closer security look.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is VSAAS? 

A. VSAAS is Etisalat’s complete security solution for businesses - comprising CCTV cameras, recording equipment, data storage and analytical software. 

Q. Are there any Etisalat services I need to be subscribed to before subscribing to VSAAS?

A. Yes, at least one of the following services: Business Quick Start, Internet Bundle from Business Edge, Business Super or Business Edge.

Q. How will I be charged for VSAAS?

A. VSAAS incurs a one-time charge for installation and cabling. Subsequent to installation, payment is structured as a fixed monthly recurring charge for the duration of your contract period. No hidden fees. No extra costs.

Q. Can I customise my VSAAS package?

A. Absolutely. Once you have chosen your base package you can add any (or all) of the following: extra cameras, storage, network video recorders, analytics. We want you to be able to build the VSAAS package that suits your business.

Q. Is the Cloud/Data Centre within the UAE?

A. It is indeed. Etisalat’s hosting facilities are situated in Abu Dhabi.

Q. What analytics come as part of my base package?

A. For every four CCTV cameras in your chosen package, you will get one “People Counting” and one “Heat Map” included.

Q. Are there any extra licensing costs?

A. Nope. Your monthly recurring charge is inclusive of all licensing costs.

Q. What is the hardware warranty period?

A. The hardware warranty period is three years.

Q. What is the contract duration?

A. The contract duration is three years.

Q. Who will own the equipment?

A. After the contractual period, the customer owns all the equipment.

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