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Internet Bundles from Business Edge

Keep your business on top and in control with Etisalat’s highly flexible cloud-based solution.

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Starting from 1095 AED/Month

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A One Stop Solution That Will Ensure Your Business Flies High

Our Internet Bundles have been expertly designed to be the ideal connection companion for both a company and its employees.

A high-speed internet connection, a landline, a virtual firewall, and so much more.

Push the boundaries of what’s possible for your business with the ultimate solution.

Internet Bundles will provide your business with the below benefits:


High-Speed Internet

Each of our packages comes with a high-speed internet connection that will ideally suit the specific needs of your business.


Unified Comms

You choose the perfect unified communication solution for every employee in your business.



Protect your business with a groundbreaking virtual firewall and the latest antivirus software.


Managed Devices

Separate Wi-Fi networks for staff and guests with built-in business analytics and control over your Wi-Fi usage


Domain & Web Hosting

We’ll secure your business by ensuring you an exclusive domain name, plus provide the ability to set up your own business website.



Stay in control with multiple business email accounts boasting significant storage per mailbox

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Explore the following detailed breakdown of our five unique base packages and select the one that best suits your business: