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Webinar 3: Think Smart. Think Cloud -

16 August, 2021

Due to swiftly evolving industry norms and a rise in customer expectations, businesses across all industries realized the importance of transforming their workplace and business model to foster a digital-first approach. This webinar includes understanding the true potential of the cloud and its role in boosting creativity, empowering teams with real-time collaborations, data security and more.


Webinar 2: The evolution of eCommerce & the retail ecosystem -

15th September 2020

The eCommerce industry experienced a massive influx during the global pandemic and changed the way retail industry operated. This webinar discusses key indicators on growing an eCommerce business, leveraging the power of data, increasing digital reach and streamlining business operations.


Webinar 1: Embrace the New Normal

21st July 2020

An in-depth insight into crucial focuses like digitizing operations, dealing with increased cyberattack threats and more with the aim to ensure businesses are equipped to survive and thrive in the “New Normal”.