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June 14, 2021 10:00 AM-11:00 AM

Always-on, always connected.

MS Teams empowers you with an all-inclusive spectrum to augment your processes. Discover enhanced channel communication, superior file cataloguing, task management and much more.

Discover expert insights on 360-degrees of access of Teams, wherever you are. This webinar would encompass the following segments:

  • Accessing Microsoft Teams from wherever you are 
  • The best practices for structuring sales teams and channels 
  • Channel communication 
  • Integrate your CRM into a dedicated channel 
  • Reducing travel and phone expenses by using Teams meetings 
  • Accessing your Teams' files 
  • Collaboration on your sales reports, proposals and other documents 
  • Retrieving the file version history 
  • Assigning the tasks to your team members 
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About e-Empower:

The Khalifa Fund for Enterprise Development in Abu Dhabi has partnered with Etisalat & Microsoft to launch e-Empower. A dedicated platform for entrepreneurs, equipping them with ease in setting up their new business. This platform aims to help small and medium-sized businesses with digital transformation.

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