Simply Recharge and Switch between Personal & Business!

Easy Prepaid is an innovative feature that comes with every business line. All you need to do is top up your Prepaid balance and you can start enjoying the service! It's as simple as that!

Steps to use Easy Prepaid

Start with Recharging your wallet, Select your desired add-on for your personal use and switch easily between your Postpaid Business and Prepaid Personal accounts.


Three ways to Recharge

  1. Buy a Recharge Card: Dial *120*card number#.
  2. Log In to Online Banking: Select “Telecom” in the payment or transfer options & follow the instructions.
  3. Log In to Etisalat Business Mobile App: Click the right-side menu bar to find the “Easy Prepaid” section. Follow the instructions.

How to Use the Service

  1. Dial *124*# to access the Easy Prepaid menu and listen to the options
  2. Dial *124*1# to check your current balance
  3. Dial *124*2# to top up your balance with a recharge card 
  4. Dial *124*3# to manually switch to your Prepaid account
  5. Dial *124*4# to manually switch to your Postpaid account
  6. Dial *124*5# to de-activate Easy Prepaid
  7. Dial *124*6# to subscribe to an Add-On Deal

Frequently Asked Questions

About Easy Prepaid

Q. What is Easy Prepaid?

A. Easy Prepaid is an innovative new feature that provides a separate prepaid account on top of your existing postpaid number.  

Key Benefits of Easy Prepaid:

  • One number for both business and personal mobile accounts.
  • Easily switch between your prepaid and postpaid accounts anytime you like.
  • Auto-switch to your prepaid account when you reach your postpaid usage limits.
  • Easy recharge of prepaid account. 
  • Variety of add-ons available.
  • Check your current and previous prepaid usage details. 

Q. How can I use Easy Prepaid?

A. You can activate Easy Prepaid by calling*124# and following the on-screen instructions, or through our Mobile App. Once activated, you can switch between your prepaid and postpaid accounts whenever you like.

Q. How can I subscribe for add-ons?

A. You can subscribe to add-ons by calling*124# and selecting the “Add-On Subscription” option. Please note, you must have sufficient recharge value to subscribe to an add-on.

Q. How can I check my Easy Prepaid balance?

A. You can check your Easy Prepaid balance by calling*124# and selecting the “Balance Enquiry” option.

Q. What is auto toggling?

A. Auto toggling is the feature that will automatically switch from your postpaid account to your prepaid account when you reach your postpaid account usage limits.  

Q. Which countries can I call on my Easy Prepaid account? 

A. You can call the following pre-approved whitelisted countries from your Easy Prepaid account: Click here to view the list of whitelisted destinations.