• Unlimited local call minutes.
  • 400 international call minutes.
  • 27 GB of local data.
  • 500 flexi (both local and international) SMS.
  • Hassle-free switch between Business First and Business Xtreme plans without any exit charges.
  • No activation charges.
Out of Bundle charges within UAE

Usage type Usage Charges
International calling AED 2.4 per Min (charged on per minute basis)
Local calling AED 0.3 per Min (charged on per minute basis)
Closed User Group (CUG) AED 0.3 per Min (charged on per minute basis)
Local Data AED 1 per MB (charged on per MB basis)
National SMS AED 0.18 per SMS
International SMS AED 0.60 per SMS
Terms and Conditions
  • All pricing is exclusive of 5% VAT charges
  • Available for new and existing business company accounts only (COCP. i.e. billing is on company’s name)
  • In-bundle international minute allowances are applicable to pre-approved whitelisted destinations. Click here to view the list of whitelisted countries.

Exit Charges Only for contractual plan - In case of breach of contract is equal to 1 month’s plan rental or AED 1,000 whichever is lower

Please Refer to detailed T&C's on check out page

Note: Above information is generic and common for all Business Xtreme plans

Out of Bundle charges, while Roaming