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Startup & Micro Business Solutions

Tailored for your type of business.

Begin building. Scale with ease. Advance and grow.

Micro Businesses demand precise attention to set the foundation of their business right. From setup to business essentials and even advance solutions, have the convenience of our business consultants customise a bundle based on the nature and type of your business.

We’re here to get you started.

  • Step 1
    Identifying your
    business and its needs


  • Step 2
     In-depth consultation
    with our experts


  • Step 3
    Receive a tailored
    suite of solutions 


  • Step 4
    Begin, operate, scale
    and grow with ease


Types of Startups and Micro Businesses. Which one are you?

Simple solutions, fuelled with value

Startup & Micro Business Internet Bundles

Crafted with precision, discover a solution that is designed to give you the power of more value, for less. Gain access to high-speed 4G/5G internet, a landline on the go with 100 Flexi minutes, payment solutions, CCTV, eStore website builder and more – all in a single solution!

Startup & Micro Business Mobile Plans

Introducing a series of value-packed mobile plans that offer Micro Businesses the power of nonstop data, local and CUG minutes, Flexi SMS with the convenience to even add extra social browsing allowances based on your needs!

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