Value Added Tax

Dear Valued Customer,

Effective 1st January 2018, Etisalat’s products and services are subject to the value added tax (VAT) in compliance with the Federal Laws & Regulations levying and regulating the tax in the UAE.

VAT is a consumption tax that the end user is obligated to pay and Etisalat is obligated to collect and remit to the Federal Tax Authority (FTA).

Etisalat is legally obliged to comply with this Government mandate from 1st January 2018.


Provide your company TRN to Etisalat

All Business customers, entitled to recover their VAT input must provide their Tax Registration Number (TRN) with supporting documents to Etisalat.

To receive a full Tax invoice, customers can Update the TRN or submit on Etisalat Business Online Portal

Frequently Asked Questions

All you’d want to know about VAT

  1. What is VAT?
    Value Added Tax (VAT) is an indirect tax that is being introduced by the UAE Government, which will be payable by both business and Individuals. VAT is a tax on the consumption or use of goods and services levied at the point of sale.
  2. Will Etisalat apply VAT on my bills?
    Yes. Effective 1st January 2018, Etisalat’s products and services shall have VAT applied upon their charges / fees in compliance with the provisions of the law and its Executive Regulations.
  3. How can a business register for VAT and receive a Tax Registration Number (TRN)?
    Please consult with a tax expert or visit the UAE Federal Tax Authority website for more information ( on registering for VAT and how to get a Tax Registration Certificate.
  4. I am a Business owner. I have registered with the UAE Federal Tax Authority and have received my certificate and Tax Registration Number (TRN). Do I need to share this with Etisalat?
    Yes, please submit your TRN details with us in order for us to reflect your TRN in the Etisalat Bills (Tax Invoice).
    As per regulations, your Tax Registration Number (TRN) should be reflected in the Etisalat bills (Tax Invoice) in order to support your Input Tax claim in your VAT return.
  5. How can I submit my TRN to Etisalat?
    Please log-in to Etisalat business online portal and submit or udpate your TRN details including a copy of the “Certificate of Registration for Value Added Tax in the United Arab Emirates”

Learn more about VAT

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