Necessary documents:

  • Original Emirates ID
  • Any of the following documents:
    • Stamped salary certificate (minimum salary: AED 2,500)
    • Vehicle licence
    • Three months bank/online bank statement
    • Last month’s utility bill with physical address
    • Tenancy/ownership contract
    • Ministry of Labour contract (minimum salary: AED 2,500)

Frequently asked questions

For more information on New Freedom plans, click here.
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Terms and conditions

Please read our terms and conditions for New Freedom plans.
Please read our general terms and conditions.

Get AED 225 Off & Free SIM when you buy online

  • Get AED 225 Off with AED 75 bill discount on your 2nd, 3rd and 4th monthly Bills when you buy online & sign up for Auto-pay on select New Freedom plans. You will need to register for auto-pay using Self-care or Etisalat UAE Mobile App before 15th of 2nd Month to qualify for the bill discount.
  • You will also get AED 125 Connection Fee waived automatically when you buy any New Freedom plan online.

Flexible Minutes/ Unlimited Calls - Applicable Countries

  • Eligible countries - Flexi minutes/unlimited calls can be made to both local and selected international countries. For the full list of the eligible countries, click here
  • Preferred country – For unlimited calls to one preferred country, you will be able to change the preferred country once in a month

Other ways to get your line

By visiting your nearest Etisalat Business Centres, outlet or partner with the necessary documents.

Local: AED 0.32/min
International As per the standard rates on per-second basis
Local: AED 0.19/SMS
International: AED 0.63/SMS
Local: AED 0.47/50KB
International: AED 1.89/50KB
Video calls
Local: AED 0.63/min
International: As per overseas operator rates
*5% VAT included
Etisalat’s international calling rates