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Etisalat connects you

With over 20 state-of-the-art terrestrial and submarine cable systems, etisalat provides connectivity locally (UAE), regionally (Middle East) and internationally. In addition, our Fujairah-based Smart Hub serves as a transit hub for connectivity through the UAE to Europe, Asia, Africa and Middle East countries.


Seamless connectivity and reliability

Using RCN, etisalat offers a diverse terrestrial route to Europe, avoiding the Egypt crossing. etisalat can also provide connectivity with cable systems that do not land in its own cable landing stations, such as GBI, Falcon, EIG and SMW5. Click here for the full connectivity routes
Additionally, etisalat offers two value-added services for capacity:

  • Bandwidth on Demand (on-demand capacity on different routes & destination for flexible durations)
  • Restoration with SLA (provide restoration of capacity on a real-time basis, with uptime of up to 99.99%)

Etisalat cable systems

etisalat cable systems are covering the region, Africa and spread internationally.
Regional cables:
FOG, UAE-Iran, RCN, Terrestrial to Saudi, Terrestrial to Oman, TW1, Das-Halul to Qatar
Africa cables: TEAMS, EASSY
Intercontinental cables: SMW3, SMW4, IMEWE, AAE1, BBG

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