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Etisalat is the largest telecommunication corporation in the GCC. Headquartered in Abu Dhabi UAE, Etisalat serves 11.6 million customers and over 300,000 small, medium and large enterprises and government customers in the UAE.

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Etisalat Customer Service Charter

Our vision: Drive the digital future to empower societies

Social Responsibility

A world where people's reach is not limited by distance

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Etisalat strongly believes in fair and open competition and invites any organisation with the same spirit to engage in credible, reliable and long-term partnerships with it.


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We realize that the unprecedented situation brought forth by COVID-19 has challenged both the health and economy of the country. It has now become more important for families, friends and businesses to stay connected.


Think Digital. Work Digital. Live Digital.

The world is moving towards digital and we must equip ourselves to adopt these digital advancements.
The goal of Blockchain is to allow digital information to be recorded and distributed, but not edited.

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In-Building Telecommunications Network Specification - FTTx:

FTTH passive materials – Application for product approval

Etisalat Approved FTTH Passive Products

OSP passive materials – Application for product approval

Etisalat Approved OSP Products