Etisalat IPX Services

Etisalat IPX Services is an ecosystem, which is a private, secure IP network with global reach.

Etisalat IPX Services Factsheet

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Choose Etisalat IPX Services for enabling limitless roaming capability

Etisalat IPX Services provides the future-ready platform for data roaming and multi-service data transport in 4G/5G, while positioning MNOs for existing and emerging mobile broadband services, and enabling interworking and fallback with existing technologies for end-to-end service delivery. Etisalat IPX Services supports GRX, SS7 Signalling, LTE Roaming, enables data roaming amongst LTE-ready 5G MNOs with Diameter Signalling exchange whilst providing the managed transport for services delivered across MNO networks, with the quality, security, scale, and agility required for application needs as MNOs evolve their GSM technology.

IPX Main Services

  • LTE Firewall
  • Signalling (SS7 & LTE)
  • VAS of Signalling
  • SMS mobility
  • 5G interworking and roaming
  • Signalling firewall
  • VoLTE services
  • SMS gateway & Firewall
  • Internet of Things




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Deliver Quality Subscriber Experience



  • 4G & 5G data roaming over GRX with global coverage reach.
  • LTE roaming with resilient diameter Signalling architecture on the reliable on- net mobile Signalling network.
  • Interworking and fallback from 5G, 4G to 3G or earlier technology.
  • 24/7 proactive monitoring and customer support.
  • Conforming to GSMA standards including IR.34 and IR.77.
  • Wide range of services, including roaming (Signalling, data roaming), communication (VoIPX, VoLTE, ViLTE, HDVC, anti- fraud), VAS.
  • Flexible customer routing decision and control.
  • Worldwide coverage with PoPs in key geographies, both in developed and emerging economies.


  • Network simplicity and full visibility.
  • High security and high reliability.
  • IPX can help operators fully exploit the advantages of end-to- end IP networks control.
  • IPX provides fixed and mobile operators with high quality, cost-effective interconnect services.
  • IPX over Etisalat’s MPLS network makes it the ideal foundation for international voice and data as well as mission critical applications.
  • Improve subscriber experience with scale, QoS, security, and availability.
  • Accelerate time to new revenue with multi-service support.
  • Efficient direct network interconnect over common IP- based infrastructure.
  • Ensure success of 4G/5G migration across services with a trusted partner experienced in VoIP, global network and reliable mobile Signalling on- net community.

Why Choose Etisalat for IPX Services


Competitive Edge

Ecosystem of +160 international voice carriers reaching over 870 destinations.

Local In-Country Access

Enables local access without the need for internet or long distance interconnections.

Extensive On-Net Coverage

Continuously launching innovative products/applications over Etisalat IPX platform.