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In compliance with Telecommunication Regulations, please be informed that the
commencement of the Do Not Call Registry (DNCR) is now in effect.
This platform aims at providing a secure communications environment and protecting
individuals from unwanted telemarketing, spam or malicious calls.
Businesses are advised not to make promotional calls to phone numbers listed in
the DNCR Directory unless they have the prior consent of a customer to do so.
All telemarketers who wish to contact customers are strongly advised
to obtain adequate consent from each, or else individuals are well within their
right to file a complaint.
Additionally, please ensure to set up a consent management system and kindly refrain from making promotional calls without the prior consent of an individual outside of business hours, being 9:00 am – 6:00 pm.
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To check the status for the numbers you wish to call:
Kindly note that organisations breaching this guidance will find action taken against
them in line with the updated General Terms & Conditions (section 6.8 to 6.12).
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