VAT Management

With dedicated FTA Certified Experts at your disposal, 24/7

Thrive with a comprehensive VAT Management Solution by
your side, starting from only AED 275/month!

Presenting an end-to-end VAT management solution comprising VAT filing and reporting, a cloud-based POS Accounting Software, FTA Certified tax agents, audit assistance, Mobile App access, 5-year cloud storage, 24/7 support, and much more starting from only AED 275/month!

Businesses opting for the VAT Standard Plan are eligible to claim their first month for free with TRN Registration worth AED 499 included too!

FTA Certified

Dedicated FTA Certified tax agents


Superior POS Accounting software & dashboard on mobile

VAT Management

360-degrees VAT compliance from filing, registration, returns & reports


Expert assistance in FTA audits


24/7 service at any time of the day, everyday


Access & store data for up to 5 years

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This service is offered on Etisalat's SaaS Marketplace.
The billing frequency of this service is on a monthly-basis with a contract period with a minimum term of 12 months.

All prices shown are excluding of 5% VAT charge.

Standard Plan Offer Ts & Cs:

  • This offer is applicable only for new customers.
  • All new subscriptions made to the Standard Plan (i.e. AED 275/month) would get TRN Registration worth up to AED 499 along with their 1st month absolutely free.
  • This offer is available for a limited period only.


Etisalat would be using the company's or individual's FTA (Federal Tax Authority) portal credentials for the purpose of filing VAT returns to fulfil the service deliverables.

In cases of contract breach with early termination in the first 12 months, exit fees of 3 months will be applied.

This service is sold on Etisalat SaaS Marketplace. When you set up an account on the Etisalat SaaS Marketplace, you will be issued a password, for which you are solely responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your accounts and passwords, and for restricting access to them.

Once this service has been terminated, the subscriber will need to make any/all back up of their business data. Etisalat will not provide any back-up services and will not be liable for any data loss or depletion by the third-party.

The Customer may contact Etisalat to discuss the service, support, queries or general inquiries on the SMB Customer Care number: 800 5800.

Penalty Free Service: Customer can exit the service contract within a maximum period of 5 days from activation without penalty charges (i.e. exit charges) if the service contract was mis-sold or the provided service did not comply with the service terms and conditions.