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SmartHub DC

Experience low latency routes with SmartHub Data Centre that are reliable, secured, and dynamically interconnect your digital business platform to a vibrant Ecosystem serving various communities of Carriers, Content & Cloud players.


Our Data Centres

Crafted to accelerate your digital ambition in the interconnected Age

Interconnected communities in the newly evolved digital age is playing a strategic role in transforming the way businesses operate globally whilst making new technologies more prevalent in the time to come. Data empowers businesses with fresh insights by analyzing the trends through artificial intelligence (AI), while digital transformation enables innovative customer experience, 24/7 availability thus making it inevitable for the businesses to endorse a competitive global digital ecosystem.

With Etisalat SmartHub ecosystem of interconnected communities, businesses can now manage their data in the most cost-effective way by making use of our digital infrastructure and harnessing interconnection capabilities. The interconnected communities at Etisalat SmartHub Data Center ensures new ways to connect customers and partners, and to bring fresh insights through the richness of data.


Interconnected Communities

• Define a competitive ecosystem of partners, providers and markets
• Distribute your critical digital infrastructure across the globe to meet local need while ensuring resiliency and security
• Enter and access new markets quickly while reducing risk by meeting global security and compliance mandates
• Minimise over-provisioning by flexibly adding digital capabilities locally - cost effectively optimise your infrastructure
• Scale-up your digital capabilities through interconnection by increasing the speed and agility of your connectivity