Voice Services

Largest in the region and amongst top 10 globally, we carry superior VOICE immaculately to every international destination on this GLOBE.

Connecting you to the world

With some of the world's most demanding service providers as our clients, we have specially designed Voice, meeting the needs for high-quality worldwide voice termination. 
Voice enables call termination to more than 650 international destinations, with benchmark call completion and duration standards. Our routes are constantly monitored and proactively managed 24/7. 
Carrier & Wholesale Services provide the largest comprehensive global network in the region with its over 160 direct connections. 
Flexible customer connectivity is available in the UAE or via our POPs in London, New York, Amsterdam, Singapore and soon in Frankfurt.



  • International Direct Dialling (IDD)
  • Hubbing/Transit Services
  • International Toll-Free Services (ITFS)
  • Home Country Direct (HCD)
  • Video Calls


Optimum Mix of Technology and Customer support
Assured quality of superior voice services at all times


Multi access points globally: in the UAE, the UK, Singapore, Germany, Netherlands and New York


Advanced Routing Engines, Trading Platforms and Billing Systems

Customers’ Centricity

Dedicated 24/7 Help Desk
Proactive support


Competitive pricing, Prompt response and proactive to market dynamics, Drawing conclusions quickly, Building long term partnerships