Mobile & Roaming Services

To extend your mobile reach globally, partner with the leader in the region

Connecting mobile customers around the world

With more than 780 mobile partners, our mobility services offer a multilateral roaming service and enable a one-stop shop to mobile customers around the world.


Signalling services & VAS

We are a one-stop shop for mobile operators, enabling 2/3G roaming services with global reach for more than 700 mobile operators along with value-added services. Our SS7 Signalling service is essential for establishing highest quality international roaming and with ANSI signalling service we enable roaming of the GSM mobile operators in the North American region.

SS7 Signalling Firewall

A great support system, Recognised as one of the best telecom innovative solution

Roaming Steering Tool

A reliable steering tool, Proactively steering the roaming traffic to the preferred network, based on quality of service and commercial

Signalling Analytics

Full reporting and notification systems, Generating reports and alarms-notification to guarantee the QoS and identify the silent roamers in real-time base; presenting different KPIs

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Antispam Policy

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