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Adding a competitive edge with SaaS


24 Feb 2021

If you have taken or are considering the first steps towards digital transformation, then chances are you are looking at using SaaS solution providers. Here’s why they will provide you with the competitive advantage you need.
In a ever competitive world, and a world that is dominated by technology, SaaS, in addition to making it easier to continue to do business from anywhere (an absolute necessity in this day and age), making use of the right tools can also give you a competitive edge.

Trimming costs
Most businesses survive on profit, which is obvious. The two main ways to maximise your profit are to improve your business or reduce operational expenses for each project you handle. If digital operations are moved to a SaaS model, then chances are you will reap both benefits from this decision. 
Whatever the role you have in the office today, especially if you have had to trim your force, SaaS solutions are available for almost every single role in the office whether that is software and accounting or telecommunications and cloud computing to access to communications. 
Implementing a SaaS strategy for your technical dependencies reduces your Total Cost of Ownership, on multiple levels. Not just short term but in the in the long run, whether that is hardware investment, office space, technical staff, software licensing, and the time taken to manage the system outside of essential day to day operations. With the ability to scale as needed, a company will end up using only that which they actually need.

Better efficiency and agility
Companies that use SaaS are typically known to develop better relations with their customers and provide better experiences. Research shows these companies are achieving better market response times since with the ability to improve go to market by focussing on the core rather than worrying about support systems. 
SaaS adoption by companies make them more endearing to customers as it helps build a perception of efficiency and accessibility. Using the right solution helps improve business application agility and makes deploying the right solution for the right customer easier and faster. This is being achieved through improved collaboration – in real-time without the need for a physical presence – within the company as well as with the customer, as needed. 
One of the most valuable assets from using a SaaS solution is the intelligence gathered from usage. Management can now look at this data and build insights on what happened, as often as needed. This big data allows for faster more accurate decisions and build a competitive advantage of managing their offering based on the data collected through the use of these systems.

Faster collaboration and communication
SaaS adoption also builds stronger communication pipelines, both internally as well as externally with all stakeholders including the customer. Communication is now streamlined, faster, and from anywhere, making it much more effective. It also improves the speed of support and delivery for any solution. 
All of these contribute to building a competitive advantage which is extremely important in a time where the competition is fierce and only companies that are responsive, quick, and accessible will survive.