engageX Campaign Manager

Interact with your customers smartly through SMS & Email Marketing.

Fuel campaigns with the ultimate multi-channel communication platform for your business

Craft personalised experiences and power up your marketing communications across multiple channels with engageX Campaign Manager.
Designed to achieve marketing brilliance, engageX Campaign Manager is a comprehensive multi-channel communication platform that simplifies customer engagement through powerful email and SMS marketing platforms while creating, monitoring, and optimising your campaigns, all on a single portal with instant insights, API integration, 24/7 customer support and more.

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Single portal to manage several communication channels including SMS, email, chatbots, MMS, interactive communication & more.

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Integrated targeted contact list & creation of multiple accounts & users. Plus, simple integration of 3rd party apps.



Intuitively designed with one-off or recurring scheduling campaigns from UI API-based email & SMS triggers.

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Performance Measurement

Smart & real-time reports with specific KPIs, performance analysis of each channel including delivery, bounce rates, CTR & more!

Reports & Analytics

Obtain trackable and measurable campaign results through comprehensive reporting options.


Be it scheduled, recurring or one-off campaigns…our platform is designed to support your specific requirements.


A simple and convenient dashboard fronts an easily accessible Email and SMS building system.

engageX Campaign Manager offers you