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Business First Plus

Non-stop productivity with the new plans

Experience non-stop productivity.
with new Business First Plus.

Enjoy up to 500MB/day for Zoom, Microsoft Teams, emails and more.

Fuel your business communications with nonstop connectivity and elevated productivity using our new Business First Plus Plans, designed to keep you hyper-connected in the digital landscape! Plans include generous data allowances, increased local and international minutes, CUG mins, Flexi SMS, and more, in addition to the unique Carryforward feature that enables you to use all your monthly unused local and international minutes across three months. 

Top that with free additional data of up to 500MB/day, specifically for collaboration tools, including Zoom, MS Teams, and emails! 

Required Documents to Apply for Business First Plus Plan

  • Valid Copy Of Trade License 
  • Passport Copy With Valid UAE Visa Of Individual, As Authorised By Company
  • Emirates ID Copy Of Individual, As Authorised By Company
  • Letter Of Authority
  • Establishment Card

Contract durations is as per agreed original contract period between the client and Etisalat with two options being available: No Contract and 12-Month Contract.

Billing Frequency: Monthly

All prices shown are excluding of 5% VAT charge.

A hassle-free upgrade/migration to any other Business First Plus & Business Xtreme Plans can be done without any exit charges.

Closed User Group (CUG) minutes are intra-company calling minutes allowing subscribers to make and receive calls within their designated group.

International minutes allowances are applicable to multiple destinations. Click here  to view the list of applicable countries.

Flexi SMS covers local & international SMS.

Penalty Free Service:

Customer can exit the service contract within a maximum period of 5 days from activation without penalty charges (i.e. exit charges) if the service contract was mis-sold or the provided service did not comply with the service terms and conditions.

Out of Plan Charges Within the UAE: These charges will only be applied should you exceed the allocations as per your Mobile Business Plan

International callsAED 2.40/min
Local callsAED 0.30/min
Closed User Group (CUG)AED 0.30/min
Local dataAED 1/MB
Local SMSAED 0.18/SMS
International SMSAED 0.60/SMS


Out of Plan Charges Outside of the UAE:

Incoming callAED 0.808/minAED 4.25/minAED 5.25/min
Outgoing call to the UAEAED 2.203**/minAED 9.50/minAED 15/min
Outgoing local callAED 0.881/minAED 4.50/minAED 10/min
Outgoing call to othersAED 9/minAED 13/minAED 15/min
Incoming SMSFreeFreeFree
DataAED 0.05508/30KBAED 1/30KB (Postpaid)
AED 1.5/30KB (Prepaid)
AED 1/10KB (Postpaid & Prepaid in Lebanon)
AED 1/30KB (Postpaid)
AED 1.5/30KB (Prepaid)


If you’re searching for basic postpaid packages with standard benefits, your search has been successful!

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How does the Carryforward feature in Business First Plus work?

The key advantage of this plan starting at AED 110 is that you can carryforward its benefits for 3 months. This means, if you have subscribed to this plan on the 1st of Jan, you are authorized to carryforward the plan’s benefits to ensure all of the remainder allowances of the current month are used until the 30th of April. Similarly, this would continue for the next month, 1st of February until 31st May.

Can I downgrade/upgrade between Business First Plus base plans?

If you are upgrading or downgrading within the Business First Plus Flavors, no exit charges would apply if the online offer has not been redeemed. 

In the case that the online offer has been redeemed, you can upgrade/downgrade to plans only after the completion of the promotional period of two months with the contract being reset and exit charges being applied.

Can I subscribe to any other add-on with an existing add-on activated?

Yes, absolutely. Each of the add-ons are independent in nature and users can pick and choose whichever add-ons they require to tailor their plans to suit their requirements.

 What are the exit charges?

Exit charges applicable for device and base plans as per the following:

       (i) Exit from the Base Plan only – 1-month of base plan rental fee.

       (ii) Exit from Base plan with a Device - 1-month base plan rental fee + remainder months of rental for device. 

Can I migrate from Business First Plus to any other Business plans? 

Yes, you can easily migrate from Business First Plus Plan to any other plan that suits your requirements. Exit charges are subject to upgrade or downgrade and, your contract will reset from the date of migration.

What happens if I take a Voice add-on on top of my carryforward voice allowance?

In this case, Carryforward Allowances will be prioritized. 

How can I check my plan’s balance allowances?

You can check your balance allowances by simply dialing *140#