Cloud Server and Storage Solutions

Find Business Success in the Cloud.

Etisalat Cloud Solutions

Our managed, professional and completely reliable cloud-based server and storage solutions can take your business on an ultra-smooth journey to new heights of success. We have the knowledge and experience you can trust.

Icon_Upgradeable_Cloud_Storage Cost-Effective

Easy and Flexible Solution

  • Cloud computing cuts out the high cost of hardware.
  • Enjoy a subscription-based, pay-as-you-go model. 
  • Easy set-up and maintenance.
End-point security_288x240px
End-point security_288x240px

Security with data management

  • Highly advanced antivirus software. 
  • Cutting edge firewall functionality. 
  • Remote data management and recovery.

Realtime flexibility

  • Employees can access, edit, and share documents anytime…anywhere. 
  • File-sharing allows users to make and see updates to documents in real-time.
8037_Et_M5_WB_282x428px_Secured office connectivity
8037_Et_M5_WB_282x428px_Secured office connectivity

Flexible control

  • Ideal for businesses with growing or fluctuating digital demands. 
  • It’s simple to increase or decrease your cloud capacity.

Safe and secure

  • Multiple back-ups ensure your valuable data is safe and secure.
  • For further protection, your data will be backed-up in more than one geographical location.
8037_Et_M5_WB_282x428px_Multiple login options
8037_Et_M5_WB_282x428px_Multiple login options

New technology

  • Cloud solutions are more environmentally friendly than on-site storage. 
  • Decreases the carbon footprint of your business.

Cloud Server and Storage Solutions Benefits


Data Safely Stored Locally

We value the confidential data of your business as much as you do. Our data centres are safe, secure and local.

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24/7 Support

Our expert support is available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week - either by phone or premises visits.


A Managed Solution

A completely managed cloud-based solution enabling us to support your business throughout and beyond your digital migration.

Etisalat Cloud Solution Packages

Customise your package to meet your business needs by selecting the suitable solution in each category below.

Select your data center location

No Emirate
1 Abu Dhabi
2 Dubai

Select the required Operating System based on your applications usage

Windows server Linux server
Windows Server 2008R2 CentOS7
Windows 2012 Red Hat 7
Windows 2012 R2 Suse 12

Select the Cloud Server size from the standard list below. If you are not sure, start small and then upgrade

Cloud Server Packages vCPU & RAM (GB) Monthly rental charges for Windows (AED)* Monthly rental charges for Linux (AED)*
E1 1 & 1GB 166 152
E2 1 & 2GB 180 166
E3 2 & 4GB 341 315
E4 4 & 8GB 663 611
E5 8 & 16GB 1309 1203
E6 1 & 4GB 208 195
E7 2 & 8GB 397 371
E8 4 & 16GB 776 723
E9 8 & 32GB 1533 1428
E10 1 & 8GB 264 251
E11 2 & 16GB 509 483
E12 4 & 32GB 1000 948

*5% VAT excluded

Select the storage size you need

Packages Storage (GB) AED/Month*
S1 100 112
S2 150 168
S3 250 281
S4 450 505
S5 850 954
S6 1000 1122
S7 1300 1459
S8 1800 2020

*5% VAT excluded
• All storage packages require 50GB for OS disk and rest is allocated for data disk
• All storage packages include file backups:
- 7 daily backups - 4 weekly backups
- 1 monthly backup

Select as many standard internet bandwidth packages as you need

Internet connectivity Monthly (AED)*
50GB Transference 38
*5% VAT excluded

Required Documents to Subscribe

A business will need to provide the following documents in order to subscribe to Etisalat’s Cloud Server and Storage Solutions:

  • Valid Establishment Card.
  • Copy of valid Trade License.
  • Passport copy of sponsor.
  • Power of Attorney or Authorisation Letter from the sponsor officially authorising a company representative.
  • In the case of an Authorisation Letter, the passport copy of the officially authorised company representative will be required.

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