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The pulse of an interconnected medical ecosystem.

Unifying Dubai’s healthcare ecosystem for superior medical management.

Masterminded by the Dubai Health Authority (DHA), NABIDH, is an innovative health information exchange platform that securely unifies patient data across Dubai's healthcare ecosystem.

Fuelled by commitment, NABIDH’s vision strives to achieve internationally recognised standards of advanced, patient-first healthcare and medical management for the community. NABIDH facilitates agile on boarding and adoption, along with improving patient & provider safety. Furthermore, it promotes clinical coordination and supports the operation of an evidence-based health ecosystem.

As NABIDH’s appointed strategic partner, we at Etisalat aim to thoroughly safeguard patient information during patient information exchanges. DHA, NABIDH & Etisalat highly prioritise the privacy of patient data, thereby employing the most secure technology for data transfer.


Nabidh Overview


This platform eliminates the call for the physical exchange of health records between public and private healthcare providers, diminishing the risk of clinical errors while boosting patient safety and experience. Through NABIDH, the DHA aims to advance medical management within a streamlined and secure exchange of Patient Health Information across the healthcare landscape.

Empower your facility with NABIDH

Augmented Care

Presents prompt medical solutions due to a panoramic view of patient health history.

Patient Satisfaction

Effective delivery of patient safety & care, while reducing unnecessary procedures & paperwork.

Clinical Collaboration

Lesser possibilities for oversight due to simplified access to info & richer clinical coordination. 

Why connect to NABIDH through Etisalat?


Etisalat is the exclusive provider of secure connectivity solutions for NABIDH.


Providing cutting-edge technology that secures your connection to NABIDH.

Customer Service

Gain access to dedicated experts at your service.

How do I connect my facility to the NABIDH Network?

In order to begin connection to the NABIDH Network, firstly reach out to begin your facility’s readiness assessment along with signing the Onboarding agreement with DHA. Following this, test your EMR’s connectivity to our developer portal and complete connection by securing your slot in the launch schedule. For further details on each step, please click here.

What should I do if I am unable to login in to NABIDH?

Kindly contact your healthcare facility’s technical support team to learn how to access NABIDH from your facility’s EMR.

Why do I see ‘No Patient Found’ in NABIDH?

Patient information is sourced only from the healthcare facility’s that have their EMR connected to the NABIDH network.

What should I do if there is incorrect or missing information about a patient in NABIDH?

Any missing or incorrect information would need to be updated on the connected EMR within the NABIDH Network. In the case of incorrect information, you may inform the patient to request the healthcare provider to fix it. For missing information, the physician can enter it in their healthcare facility’s EMR, which will automatically be updated in NABIDH. If the source is a facility that is not yet a part of the NABIDH Network, please bear with us since this information will be added soon.

What should I do if I see incorrect record linking for a patient?

For concerns regarding the inaccuracy or incorrect record linking of patient data, please take note of the MRN and raise a ticket with DHA call centre (800 342) or email info@dha.gov.ae

Which medical information of a patient will I be able to access as a healthcare professional?

NABIDH is engineered to unify complete patient health information across all of the private and public healthcare providers in Dubai. You will have access to patient demographics, allergies, problem list, lab results, clinical documents, radiology reports, immunizations, medication orders, encounters and insurance information too.

How will I educate my patients about NABIDH?

Patients will be educated about the NABIDH Network along with its benefits at the time of registration. Additionally, they will be educated through multiple channels such as websites, news, media and other campaigns.

What should I do if I forget my password?

In the case of a forgotten your password, click on the “forgot password” button on the login page and follow the on-screen instructions to reset your password.

Do I need to install any special software or hardware?

Absolutely not. Cloud EMR is a cloud-based solution, which means all you need is a desktop, or laptop and internet access. You can use any web-browser to access the system, although most users find the best efficiency when using Google Chrome.

How do I migrate my patient data into Cloud EMR?

Our expert team will assist with migrating your patient data into Business Edge Cloud EMR. All you will need is to have your patient data (e.g. demographics, insurance, etc.) in a transferable format (e.g. Excel, CSV) and we will take care of the rest.

How long does the implementation take?

On average, implementation is completed within one week. However, the amount of time can vary based on the needs of the specific customer and how quickly they want to get started.

Is data safe on the cloud?

Absolutely. Your data is securely encrypted, stored and backed-up in the cloud. We also protect your data with the highest level of industry encryption standards.

Who can access my medical records?

Your medical records can only be accessed by the authorities you allow. The data is kept in a confidential environment and cannot be accessed by any unauthorised person.

Does Cloud EMR come with a patient portal?

Yes Cloud EMR has a comprehensive patient portal system, which allows the user to create an exclusive patient profile. Apart from uploading and securing your medical records, you can also schedule appointments with doctors.

Are there any implementation/activation fees?

Each Etisalat EMR plan has a one-time activation fee per licence of AED 100. Important note – with the Unlimited Licences plan, the AED 100 is only incurred for the first 31 licences activated (total AED 3100), beyond that license activation is free of charge.

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