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Disclaimer: Etisalat by e& acts solely as a technical services provider

Please note that our role is limited to providing technical services that support the provision of a payment service to you by a third party*. In facilitating the provision of UTap, we are therefore not providing any licensable retail payment service to you. *Merchant Acquiring Partner – Network International L.L.C.

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About uTap Payment Solutions

Required Documents:

The list of documents needed to be a uTap Merchant are as follows:

For Business Proof

  1. Trade License/License Document (Copy)
  2. Articles of Association/Memorandum of Association (If applicable)
  3. Tax Registration Certificate (If applicable)

For Authorised Signatory

  1. Passport, Visa and Emirates ID of Shareholders & Authorised Signatory (Copy)
  2. Passport, Visa and Emirates ID of the ultimate beneficial owner (If applicable) (Copy)
  3. Valid Notarized Power of Attorney of Authorised Signatory (If applicable) (Copy)

For Bank Accounts

  1. Bank statement with IBAN number (Copy)
  2. Collateral/Security Deposit (if applicable for e-commerce & marketplace)    

Contract duration is as per agreed original contract period between the client and Etisalat with three options being available: 12-Month, 24-Month and 36-Month Contracts.

Billing Frequency: Monthly

All prices shown are excluding of 5% VAT charge.

  • All charges connected with uTap product purchased will be based on the plan and duration.
  •  A valid payment method will need to be provided to cover all fees, including the subscription, transactions, and any additional fees applicable.
  • Any transaction fees/charges from third-party services would be charged to your billing and is not included in your uTap subscription fee.

This service is sold on Etisalat SaaS Marketplace. When you set up an account on the Etisalat SaaS Marketplace, you will be issued a password, for which you are solely responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your accounts and passwords, and for restricting access to them.

Other Charges:

  • All charges connected with uTap product purchased will be based on the plan and duration.
  • A valid payment method will need to be provided to cover all fees, including the subscription, transactions, and any additional fees applicable.
  • Any transaction fees/charges from third-party services would be charged to your billing and is not included in your uTap subscription fee.


In the complete duration of your uTap subscription, you will have access to support that is reachable at 800UTAP for all product and payment transaction-related queries. 800UTAP offers 24/7 uptime and performance monitoring, application bug fixes, technical and banking support, platform updates for the solution, security patches and back-up management.

Early Exit:

In cases of contract breach with early termination before end of the contract duration, the following exit fees would apply:

  • Exit from the base plan only, no hardware or devices involved – 1-month of base plan rental fee.
  • Exit from base plan with a device - 1-month base plan rental fee + remainder months of rental for device.

Service Termination:

Once this service has been terminated, the subscriber will need to make any/all back up of their business data. Etisalat will not provide any back-up services and will not be liable for any data loss or depletion by the third-party.

Penalty Free Service:

Customer can exit the service contract within a maximum period of 5 days from activation without penalty charges (i.e. exit charges) if the service contract was mis-sold or the provided service did not comply with the service terms and conditions.

What is uTap?

uTap is a powerful solution offering: Payment, Business Automation and Financial Service Solutions to businesses and offers a unique holistic, omni-channel business automation and financial service solution for businesses across categories.

What is Etisalat & UTap POS?

Etisalat is one of the strongest brands in the Middle East and Africa, and one of the strongest telecom corporations in the world, with a vision to drive digital growth. Etisalat offers best-in-class payment devices that offer holistic payment solutions to merchants across categories.
This includes business management applications, automation tools, innovative hardware, applications, platforms, and marketplace that aim to empower SMBs to improve how they do business - both offline and online.

What does uTap include?

The solution is a combination of Electronic Cash registers (Mini ERP/CRM), next-generation Point of sale/payments hardware, banking, and payments services with suit of features like guest feedback, reporting and analytics, and integration capabilities with other tech solutions like inventory management and scheduling platform which help businesses manage their operations more effectively.
Suite features include:

  • Card Sale
  • Cloud Pay
  • Pay By Link
  • Guest feedback
  • Reporting and Analytics
  • Integrated with best-of-class tech solutions like order management
  • Inventory Management
  • Employee Management
  • Customer Management
  • Retail Management
  • Restaurant Management
  • Scheduling Platform and much more.

What happens after I subscribe to uTap?

After you confirm your subscription, the following on-boarding process will commence:

  • Verification: We will contact you via email and/or SMS to verify your purchase and schedule an on-boarding call.
  • On-boarding call: Our support team will walk you through the setup process for uTap and follows the mandatory KYC processes to collect them digitally.
  • Credentials and devices: Next, you will receive the credentials for the uTap application, terminals, and merchant portals.
  • Appointment: The Support Team will confirm an appointment slot to visit you and deliver the activated device, offer a training and perform mandatory physical document collection including banking documentations.

What are the key features of the UTap POS device?
The features include:

  1. 2 built-in printer for printing transaction receipts
  2. Access to the UTap merchant application and the portal for secure payment
  3. Variety of accepting different cards
  4. Inbuilt camera for barcode scanner
  5. Real-time one-tap solutions for reports and settlement/transaction history
  6. A single charge would allow 100+ transactions
  7.  Easy transaction confirmation via notification alert
  8. Supports both English & Arabic language
  9. Supports 100 hours of battery life
  10. Supports 5G connectivity & Wi-Fi connectivity
  11. Void services for easy amount reversals
  12. Pre-Authorisation services for advance payments

What is the One-Click Billing Feature of uTap?

This feature is exclusively in the Elite Pack which offers Business Automation and Payment solutions. The One-Click Billing Feature enables bill creation and payments with one click. You can visit the product list and add items according to your requirements along with adding items from multiple vendors to procure different products for your store.

How will uTap help my employees?

In a variety of ways. The system acts as a perfect tool to help the employees decrease the checkout times as it gives you the right capabilities to carry out the task at hand. A fast, convenient, and effortless way of managing and paying your bills!

How will uTap benefit my customers?

By making your payment processes easier and quicker. You can use multiple payment methods to charge the customer and accept all based on their convenience. Furthermore, you can generate the receipt for customers in a way they prefer - either printed or sent by SMS or email.

What is the Inventory Management Feature?

This feature is exclusive available in the Elite Pack which offers Business Automation and Payment solutions. The Inventory Feature Management enables you to check your stock at anytime and take necessary measures to maintain levels of the best-selling products in store. Moreover, the platform gives you insights and charts to identify your store’s highest and slowest selling items.

How does UTAP help in Vendor Management?

Vendor management allows businesses to manage their suppliers or vendors. With help of UTAP, now you can get access to all your vendor accounts detailed invoices, payment schedules, delivery details, etc. By using UTAP you can add vendors, you can view vendor purchase history, you can easily register vendor payments, you can easily view vendor pending payments and register payments and many more.

What is Pay-By-Link?

Pay-by-Link enables you to generate a payment link and sending it to a customer via text message, email, social media app or any other channel. It is a simple and useful tool to let customers pay by credit and with debit card through a secure link. Send payment link invoices by email and reduce time chasing unpaid ones with unique payment links let you keep track of each payment request.

What are Void transactions?

A void transaction is a transaction that is cancelled before it settles through a consumer's debit or credit card account. When a transaction is voided, it shows up as a pending transaction on the customer's account for a short period of time, while the process is being completed. uTap ensures easily voiding and tracking transactions.

How can I perform a pre-authorisation hold and complete transactions?

Pre-authorisation allows you to reserve funds on your customer's card without taking the funds. When you are ready to charge your customer, you can process a Pre-authorisation Complete, which finalises the transaction. uTap seamlessly provides the functionality to perform Pre-authorisation hold and complete without any issues.

What if I need more features, integrations, and customisation within my uTap plan?

Simple, get in touch with our experts and have them assist you with the specific functionalities that you are looking for.

How long does it take for a payment swipe authorisation?

Less than 5 seconds to authorise the payment.

What are CPOC transactions?

CPOC, is a payment technology that allows merchants to accept NFC card payments directly on their smartphone.

How to do a CPOC transaction?

On your NFC-enabled smartphone, launch your uTap merchant app and select card sale.

Enter the transaction amount. Tap your customer’s card on the back side of your phone.

Your CPOC transaction has been successful.

Is uTap POS wireless and portable?

Yes, the uTap POS device is wireless and portable.

What are the modes of connectivity on the uTap POS?

It is a SIM-based device that also supports WIFI connectivity.

Does the merchant need to have an e& account number to become an uTap merchant?

Yes, you would need to have an existing active relationship with etisalat by e& to become an uTap merchant.

Can the existing machine of any other acquirer be ported to the uTap POS machine?

No, we do support porting any existing machine into an uTap POS machine.

Does uTap POS have any one-touch ‘function key’ feature?

Yes, it has a button which customises the functionality of the device as per the merchant requirement (You can easily access the uTap Application with one touch via this Key).

What are the accessories provided along with the uTap POS?

With the UTap POS, we provide:

  • One charger along with a type-C cable
  • Five paper rolls
  • One instruction manual

How long would it take to install the POS?

The uTap POS installation happens within 5 business days (subject to the documentation)

What is the payment credit duration for uTap POS settlements?

Upon accepting a transaction, settlement for the amount will happen within 2 business days in a T+2 manner.

In how long can I expect the service team to get back to me by for any/all queries raised?

uTap responds to merchant queries in no less than 1 hour. All you have to do is raise a ticket on your UTap merchant application under the support section and our team will reach out to you soon.

How long does it take for the field team to visit my location in case of any technical support required?

You can expect the service team to reach at your location within 24 hours of ticket creation.

How vast is uTap field service network across the region?

UTap has a wide spread of 600 field service executives at your service on UAE grounds.

How can I check my transaction history?
You can check the transaction history by going to the uTap merchant application under ‘Reports’ and then, ‘History.’

Would I be able to reprint the backdated transaction receipt from uTap POS?

Yes, you can reprint the backdated transaction receipt from uTap POS via the uTap Merchant application under ‘Report’ and then selecting, ‘History.’

Would I be able to accept payments remotely from a Cardholder/Customer?

Yes, you can accept the payments by using PBL (Pay-By-Link) Mode by sharing a link via SMS, WhatsApp or other platforms with the customer and accept the payment immediately.

Can I change the language of the uTap POS?

Yes, you can change the language from UTap POS by using the uTap merchant application under profile option

What would I do if I forget the password of the uTap Merchant Application?

You can reset the password by generating the PIN from your uTap registered phone number.

How many transactions can I do with a one-time charge on the uTap POS?

You can swiftly carry out 100+ transactions with a single charge of just 30 minutes.

Are the uTap POS terminals VAT ready and FTA return-ready?

Yes, VAT and all associated reports will be sent on a monthly basis on the merchant’s UTap registered email ID. 

Where can I see the daily settlements and how would I change or update any other merchant-related details?

Merchants can view their settlement details on the uTap merchant app under the ‘Profile’ section. To change or update their details, merchants can raise a ticket under the Support section on the uTap Merchant App or contact 800-UTAP.

How many years of transaction details are stored with UTap?

All transaction details associated with your account are stored from inception. Customers can get access to the last 1 year of transaction data through UTap app/ Merchant Portal. If needed, uTap will share additional data upon raising a request.

Are there any payments attached with my uTap Plan?

Payment for your uTap Plans

  1. All charges related to uTap product purchased will be based on the plan and payment terms agreed with Etisalat at the time of purchase.
  2. A valid payment method (like a credit card) to cover all fees, including the product, transaction, and any additional fees applicable will be required.
  3. Any transaction fees/charges from third-party services needs to be paid by you and is separate from your uTap subscription.

You are responsible for your Store, the goods, or services you sell, and your relationship with your customers, not us.

Support - Your uTap solution comes with 800UTAP support included for the duration of your fully paid uTap subscription where all your product and payment transaction-related queries can be answered.

800UTAP offers 24/7 uptime and performance monitoring, application bug fixes, technical and banking support, platform updates for the solution, security patches and back-up management.

What if I want to renew or cancel my subscription?

Please get in touch with our experts to get more information about the renewal or termination of your subscription plan.

What if I change my mind?

No changes are allowed to the base product provided however please get in touch with our experts for any plan changes.

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