Internet Calling Plan

Non-stop voice & video calls

Unlimited data with Internet Calling Plan

Grab this opportunity and hurry to avail this limited time offer.

Enjoy mobile connectivity and transform the way your business operates with our Internet Calling Plans. 

In addition, new subscribers on the postpaid or prepaid monthly internet calling plan will enjoy video & voice calls free of charge in April and May and unlimited data for the calls with the supported apps. 

Upon subscription, you will enjoy unlimited voice and video app-to-app calls to other businesses & within the company, both in the UAE and abroad. 

* Limited time promotion. Free to use till 31st May only.


Internet calling

    • Video and Voice calls
    • Single device use
    • Supported apps only

5% VAT excluded

Mobile data required

How to start using the service

Download one of the supported apps, once your subscription is active you are ready to make video and voice calls

Supported apps

Download one of the supported apps to start making voice and video call once your subscription is active

  • Call other users who have the same app as you
  • No other charges for calls, other than data usage, will apply
botim BOTIM


  • Share photos, videos, voice messages, location, text messages (SMSs), contacts, web clips and more - it's simple, fast and efficient
  • Group chat with up to 500 people; add all your business colleagues into one main group

    Download BOTIM from App Store or Google Play


  • Use C’Me to connect with your business colleagues
  • Make HD voice or video calls, or instant message anyone, anywhere!

    Download CME from App Store or Google Play

HiU Messenger

Experience next-level communication with HiU Messenger, a simple and reliable app that works on smartphones and tablets

  • Voice & video calls: Make HD video or voice calls to colleagues all over the world
  • Chat: Send instant messages to colleagues and engage in group chats with up to 200 contacts

    Download HiU from App Store or Google Play

Voico UAE

Stay in touch with your loved ones with the crystal-clear audio and video and the superior connection reliability from Voico UAE. Use it on mobile and desktop, share photos and videos, send GIFs and animated stickers, and translate chats into 100+ languages.

Download Voico from App Store or Google Play

Know more about internet calling plans

Free voice and video calling with these apps can only be done with a subscription to the Internet Calling Plan for mobile and as long as you have an active internet connection

With the Internet Calling Plans, your app-to-app calls are free:

Type Of Usage Charges
App-to-App Calls*
Active mobile data subscription is required
Usage will be consumed from available data
Non-App Calls
as per your existing mobile package
Mobile Data Consumptions
as per your mobile package or data plan
* only when you use any of the supported applications T&C apply during check out

Frequently Asked Questions

About Internet Calling Plans

Q: What is the ‘2 Months Free ICP Access’?

To support our customers during this period of the Covid-19 pandemic, Etisalat is giving all its customers free access to the ICP apps for a period of 2 months

  • With this offer, all Etisalat customers who subscribe to any of the Monthly Internet Calling Plans (Mobile Prepaid or Mobile Postpaid) will be able to use any of the supported VoIP apps at no charge for 60 days.
  • Customers who subscribe during this period will also get free unlimited data for using any of the supported apps for 60days.

Q: What is the duration of this ‘2 Months Free ICP Access’?

The free access is for 60 days. Customers will not be charged during this period:

  • For Example: If you activate Free ICP on the 50th day from the launch date of promotion, you will get only 11 days of Free ICP. On 61st day( i.e. after the promotion end date) you will be charged the regular monthly rental
  • Applicable for both prepaid and postpaid business mobile customers

Q: If I activate the Free ICP offer on 59th day from the launch date of the promotion, will I get 60 days of Free ICP from the activation date?

No. If you activate Free ICP on the 59th day from the launch date of promotion, you will get only 2 days of Free ICP. On 61st day, you will be charged the regular monthly rental

Q: What happens after 60 days free period?

After the 60 days period, rental fee charging on all ICP plans will resume:

  • However you can choose to continue to use the Internet Calling Plan service for AED 50 (+ 5% VAT) for Mobile, AED 100(+5% VAT) for e-Life.
  • If you do not want to be charged for ICP rental fees, you can unsubscribe from the service.

Q: How I can subscribe to the offer? 

  • SMS ICP to 1012 or dial *101# or use the My Etisalat UAE App to subscribe to the Internet Calling Plan for mobile and activate the offer.
  • After receiving your confirmation message, download any one of the supported apps from iOS or Play Store and register with your mobile number. Start using the apps to get unlimited access to app-to-app voice and video calls. Once subscribed, you can enjoy ICP for up to 60 days without any rental charge. 

Q: How I can Opt-out from the offer?

  • To cancel your Free Internet Calling Plan subscription during the 60 days Free ICP promotion period, do the following:
  • SMS C FMICP to 1012 or go to My Etisalat UAE App

Q: Who is eligible for the ICP Free Access offer?

The following customers are eligible:

  • All Mobile Prepaid Customers
  • All Mobile Postpaid Customers

Q: I am an existing ICP customer. What will happen to my rental charges?

  • If you are an existing ICP customer, you will continue to get charged the monthly rental.
  • However, if you wanted to receive the Free ICP offer, you need to deactivate existing ICP and opt-in again during the promotion period to get the Free ICP offer

Q: Currently, there is an Unlimited VoIP data promotion going on. Will I continue to get the Unlimited VoIP data promotion benefits if I activate this Free ICP offer?

  • Yes, you will continue to get the benefits. No changes to the existing data benefits and other Terms and Conditions.