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Upgrade and customise the level of support your business receives

Enhance your business’s efficiency with a support system designed to evolve with you. Care Plus offers expert guidance and support to seamlessly align with your strategic goals. Maximise your potential with the specialised, premium support from e&’s Care Plus.

Order Processing

Experience premium treatment and prioritised fulfilment for your orders.

Complaint Management

Your issues will be given dedicated attention with faster resolution. 

Dedicated Support Team

A dedicated specialist will provide all the support your business needs.

  • Billing Frequency: Monthly
  • Contract Period: Minimum commitment of 6 months. If terminated early, an exit charge equal to one month's rental applies.
  • All prices shown are excluding of 5% VAT charge.


1. What is Care Plus?

Care plus is a personalized support service tailored for customers who have chosen to subscribe. This service offers subscribers a range of dedicated support features in line with their chosen package. These features include, but are not limited to, direct access to the call centre, personalized service treatment, priority in complaint and order management, and service delivery management. 

2. Who are eligible for Care Plus subscription?

All Enterprise and SMB customers are eligible for Care Plus Subscription.

3.  Who can request for Care Plus subscription?

Only the Authorized contacts can apply for the service and select any business contact to enjoy the prioritized treatment 

4. What are Packages for Care Plus?

a. Advance Support – Support 1 Business Contact Dedicated support for call centre centre access, email access & priority complaint resolution.

b. Excellent Support – Up to 2 Business Contact  Dedicated support for call centre access, email access & priority complaint resolution and order management support.

c. Expert Support – Up to 4 Business Contact Dedicated support for call centre access, email access & priority complaint resolution, order management support and service management.

d. Add-on Package (to add additional Business Contact over and above the approved Authorized SPOC Contacts)

5. What is the process for the customer to cancel the service?

Care Plus cessation is available through the following channels:

  •  Service cancellation can be done from B2B portal
  •  The rental billing is pro-rated based on the cessation date
  •  Call center (8005800/8009111)

6. Is there any contract for Care Plus?

The Care Plus minimum subscription period is 6 months.

7.  What will be the outcome of the service after the 6-month period is over?

Subscription will continue after the contract minimum term.

8. Would all their PIDs benefit if the customer subscribes for the Care Plus package?

All party IDs under the Customer ID Level will enjoy the benefits of Care Plus.

9. Can a single customer ID be used to subscribe to multiple Care Plus packages?

No, One Customer ID can have only one Care Plus subscription package.

10. Who will benefit the Care Plus subscription?

Only the limited number of the selected SPOC Contacts as per the subscription will get the Services’ priority treatment.

11. Is it mandatory to enrol only the LOA Authorized SPOC Contact for Expert and Excellent support packages?

No, however, it is mandatory that at least one LOA Authorized SPOC Contact be enrolled for Expert and Excellent Packages.

12. How many SPOC can be selected to enjoy the Care Plus service?

Customer can select the SPOC for the Service, based on the benefits offered in their selected packages

13. Can the customer request to change the Authorized SPOC Contact at any time?

Yes, and it's free of charge

14.  Can customer add additional SPOCs?

Yes, Customer can add up to 5 additional SPOCs.

Note: Subscription commencement will be prorated basis for the Add-on

15.  Adding/Deleting Add-ons

Customer can add or delete add-ons any time of the month

Note: Billing for the Add-ons will be prorated

16. Can the customer remove an add-on at any time?


17. What is the CARE PLUS Billing Cycle?

1st of every month.

18. How will the MRC for Care Plus be billed?

The applicable monthly rental bill will be charged in arrears.

Note: Subscription commencement will be prorated basis for the base plan package

19. Is there an OTC for Care Plus subscription?

No, Monthly rental fees will only be charged to the customer based on their subscription.

20. In the event that the customer misses’ payments.

Dunning activity to be triggered in case of missing payments.

Note: In this case, the Customer will be given 7 days prior notification before such suspension, disconnection or termination takes effect.

21. What will happen to the billing process when the Care Plus account is suspended?

Billing should continue in case Care Plus account is TOSSED for non-payment

and in case LOA is expired unless customer ceased the service.

22. Would the service be affected if customer will change business segment?

No, CARE PLUS subscription shouldn’t be impacted with any change of business segmentation.

23. What will happen if the customer's LOA expires?

Customer must renew the Authorized SPOC Contact upon expiry of the LOA or any other document used to permit grant the access to the Service to the Authorized SPOC Contact to the Service.

24. What if customer changed his LOA contact details?

Any change of LOA details should automatically reflect on CARE PLUS SPOC details.

25. Is Upgrade downgrade possible and let us know about exit charges in both scenarios?

Customer has an option to upgrade or downgrade their subscription package. However, prorated rental will be applied upon such changes.

Exit Charges of One month rental will only be applied if customer downgrades to lower rental plan within the first 6 months.

26. Will the contract be reset during an upgrade or downgrade?

Contract will not reset for both Upgrade & Downgrade scenarios

27. Cancellation of Care Plus subscription

If the Customer wants to terminate the Service, they must give Etisalat thirty (30) days prior written notice.

28. What are the exit Charges for Care Plus?

Exit Charges

Within First 6 months

After First 6 months

Base plan

One Month rental

No exit charges


No exit charges

No exit charges

Note: In case customer cancels within the first 6 months exit charges to be applied

29. How to reach Care Plus Support

Customer can call 8005800 / 8009111 or can send an email to