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Keeping Your Business Mobile


31 Mar 2021

Mobile working is fast becoming the norm for businesses. Three quarters of employees now favour flexible working in some form. Given the reliance we have for mobile phones at work, as smaller businesses expand and g their IT infrastructure, managing this phone infrastructure for the team becomes crucial.

Etisalat has introduced its Mobile Service Centre through its Etisalat's Business Online Portal. From choosing from an extensive range of mobile plans to tracking support for plans to creating profiles for accounts and administration to manage and track the progress of all your Etisalat orders and services, the new portal gives businesses better control on their mobile expenses.

Choosing a role
There are two different types of user roles available on the portal: Admin and Accountant. These roles come with different entitlements enabling you to assign them accordingly within your organisation. The Admin role allows the overall management of the business account including providing access to accounts and manage and monitor usage and services for all company accounts. The Account manages payments and bills. 
Manage your mobile settings, usage limits
Through its recently launched Mobile Service Centre, Etisalat allows businesses manage their business accounts from managing users and setting controls on data and usage for each. It also gives the management the options to apply network controls that allow it to change and control data and roaming settings for company employees.
To maintain flexibility, the portal allows business owners to set usage limits and receive notifications when this is exceeded. It also blocks or unblocks SMS notifications and controls the type of messages you and your employees receive.

Custom Notifications & Alerts
The new service allows for setting up custom notifications based on usage and service recommendations. You can set up custom rules to trigger automated actions or notifications to avoid unexpected out of bundle usage charges and ensure uninterrupted connectivity.

Bill Access, payment & Analysis

As businesses g and scale, keeping a spotlight on expenditure, the new business portal allows businesses to download company-wide usage bills in bulk or for selected accounts. It can pay total bills or allocate payable amounts to selected accounts as decided between management and teams. The business can choose between online or offline payment options and generate reference numbers for offline payments.
It also offers the option to create a billing report to analyse your monthly charges and get full access to the previous six months of bills for any business account. While most providers have a business package, Etisalat’s new Online Business Portal and service portal, gives businesses better control on their communications costs.
Bill Access, payment & Analysis