Business Landline

Enjoy FREE national calls, discounted international calls, plus call management features!

Enjoy High Quality Calls & Great Value Benefits for Your Business

Manage your calls more efficiently with the Business Land Line. Stay connected anytime, anywhere. Save time and money. 

Enjoy high quality network, FREE national calls plus extra benefits. 

Get call forwarding, voicemail, conference calls and discounted international calls. All for just AED 125 per month!



Plan includes 7,500 landline minutes to use every month, per business line.



Never miss a call again. You can take a second call and put the first on hold.



Enhance business communications and decision making by adding a third person into the call.



Streamline call management. Forward calls to a landline or mobile when you are on the move.



Allow customers to leave a message when you are not able to take the call.



Add caller display for free and see the phone number of who’s calling before you answer.

Enjoy High Quality Calls on Your Business Landline

Additional features:

  • Caller ID - CLIP Calling Line Identification/Presentation
  • Call Forward (Unconditional/Busy/No Answer)
  • Call Conference - 3 Party Call Conference
  • Call Wait-Hold
  • Voice Mail
FREE AED100/M Int Credit*

Business Landline

    • FREE 7,500 National mins
    • FREE AED 100 Int credit*
    • Call management features

5% VAT excluded

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*International credit for first 3 months

Single Line Pack Benefits

Benefits comprise free national calls 7500mins/month (fixed-to-fixed).

All Promotion Pack Benefits are available as add-ons:

  • Caller ID 5 AED/Month
  • Call Forward 15 AED/Month
  • Call Conference 5 AED/Month
  • Call Wait-Hold 5 AED/Month
  • Voice Mail 5 AED/Month

Enjoy AED 100 of free monthly international calls per month, for the first 3 months.

Landline to Mobile will be charged at 30 Fils / Minute


  • Free fixed-to-fixed national calls (up to 7500 Mins per month)
  • AED 100 credit per month for international calls (for the first three months)
  • Landline to mobile charged at 30 Fils / Min
  • CLIP Caller ID - Calling Line Identification Presentation
  • Call Forward (Unconditional/Busy/No Answer)
  • Call Conference - Three Party Call Conference
  • Call Wait-Hold
  • Voice Mail

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Business Landline?

An enhanced business fixed voice service. It offers business customers free lifetime value-added services and other benefits.

2. What are the benefits of Business Landline?

Benefits comprise free national calls (fixed-to-fixed) and free lifetime value-added services (VAS) including:

  • CLIP (Calling Line Identification/Presentation)
  • Call Hold/Call Waiting
  • Call Forward (Unconditional/Busy/No Answer)
  • 3 Party Call Conference
  • Voicemail

3. Is there a promotion if I sign up to Business Landline?

You will enjoy AED 100 of free international calls, per month, for the first 3 months.

4. Will I receive AED 100 discount even if I do not utilise the free international calls?

The 100 AED is only valid for calls initiated to international destinations.

5. What if I do not require all the value-added services, can I reduce some of them and get a discount on the service rental?

The value-added services are provided free of charge. Rental charges will remain the same.

6. How can I activate the free value-added services?

Follow the short codes reflected on the table attached:

Feature Activation Code Deactivation Code
CLIP (Calling Line Identification/Presentation) Automatic NA
Call Hold/Call Waiting  *43# #43#
Call Forward (Unconditional) *21*New No.# #21#
Call Forward (Busy) *67* New No.#  #67#
Call Forward (No Answer) *61* New No.# #61#
Call Forward to Voicemail *61*123# #61#123#
3 Party Conference  Automatic NA
Voicemail  Dial 123 from your phone and follow instructions NA

7. What are the charges for calls to mobile from Business Landline?

You will be charged 30 fils per minute for calls to mobiles.

8. How are international calls charged on Business Landline?

International calls are charged at (off-peak) reduced rates. Please refer to our website to check international call charges.

9. I have an existing DEL and an Advance Star Package, I want to convert it in to

Business Landline. Is it possible to get free value-added services while maintaining national and international barring on my line?
Once you upgrade your Business Landline (DEL) to Business Landline, you will only be charged for (0+00) barring along with the monthly rental of AED 125. 
As all other value-added services in the Advance Star Package are part of Business Landline.

10. Is Business Landline rated on per-minute or per-second billing?

The product is rated on per-minute billing.

11. Other important information:

  • A one-time installation charge costs AED 180
  • AED 100 discount on International Direct Dial (IDD) calls is offered for the first three months
  • Fixed-to-fixed call charges are free (AED 0.15/min post consumption of 7,500 minutes)
  • Fixed-to-mobile call charges cost AED 0.30/min
  • Exit charge costs one month’s rental

12. How many minutes is free from fixed line to fixed line

Free Fixed to Fixed Calls/month 7500mins