Internet Calling Plan

Stay connected across the globe with uninterrupted voice & video calls.

Keep your business globally connected!

Experience staggering connectivity with an Internet Calling Plan by your side to augment how your business operates.
  • Indulge in next-level smooth communications facilitating HD quality voice and video app-to-app calls to connect with your business colleagues, clients and associates.

  • Enjoy access to five top supporting apps with one single subscription.

  • Activate today and enjoy 250MB daily!

Internet calling Plan



5% VAT excluded

Video and Voice calls

Single device use

Supported apps only

Steps to Subscribe & Activate Internet Calling Plan:

  1. You can easily subscribe by exercising any of the below methods:
  2. Once you subscribe to the Internet Calling Plan, download any of the supported apps from the App Store or Google Play Store (based on your device).
  3. Enjoy seamless voice & video chats on the same supporting app with anyone in any part of the world. 

Supported apps

Your digital channels to instantly subscribe

Quick Code

Dial *125# and follow on-screen instructions to activate/deactivate any add-on or check your current balance.

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