Smart Messaging Marketing Platform

Engage your customers - the smart way.

A Complete Marketing
Strategy in One Multi-Functional Platform

Grow. Sell. Promote. Engage. All in one supremely effective marketing platform. 

Etisalat’s Smart Messaging solution works with you to create, deliver, and analyse engaging marketing campaigns.

Our platform enables you to promote the very best of your brand to potential and existing customers.

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A single platform capable of managing multiple marketing methods and campaigns (SMS and Email).

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Reach customers, both existing and potential, in a highly effective way that represents incredible value for money.

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An “accessible…anywhere” platform that works with you to achieve a complete and successful marketing strategy.

Reports & Analytics

Obtain trackable and measurable campaign results through comprehensive reporting options.

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Be it scheduled, recurring or one-off campaigns…our platform is designed to support your specific requirements.


A simple and convenient dashboard fronts an easily accessible Email and SMS building system.

The Smart Messaging Services Available from Etisalat

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Email Marketing Platform

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SMS Marketing Platform

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