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How to manage and grow your business online with etisalat by e&’s OPM service


03 Aug 2022

It’s amazing how the digital age has, almost overnight, transformed the business landscape in a manner that took the clichéd phrase, “juggernaut of change” to a new level.

Suddenly you have the cloud, the internet, algorithms and a vast “online” space not imagined or tangible where business is conducted by way of keeping its presence felt and seen. 

Things could not be more surreal, even spectral in a sense, if you will. It’s out there and it comes back in the form of numbers, clicks, visits, conversion rates, threads, traffic, engagement, impressions, what goes viral, what is shared the most - the key phrases and words these days.

Maintaining online presence today has become a fun thing. Everything is measured in a scientific way. There are now numbers for everything. The digital analytics, so to speak, allowing for a more objective basis in making business plans.

First, you must learn how to keep, manage and grow your online presence.

How do you do this? There are elements that must be considered. They are like buoys that should keep you afloat and moving in a sea of numbers.

Managing your online presence is a process of creating traffic – market preference – to your brand – and by brand we mean a product, a service, or even you, as a business owner or manager. The elements to play with are a web design, blogs, SEOs or search engine optimization that keeps you up front in Google, for instance, reputation management, links and social media platforms, among others.

etisalat by e& provides an Online Presence Management service under its Digital Solutions platform, where thankfully you are spared the nitty-gritty of knowing all these elements and not be left on your own negotiating these. A dedicated Account Manager will be in charge of collecting your requirements as well as creating and optimising your campaign.

Offered in three different plan options, the service will enable your business to run end-to-end sales-focused marketing campaigns that in turn allows you to fully understand how your sales and marketing activities are converted to an actual return on investment (ROI). etisalat  by e&’s Online Presence Management blueprint provides for a cost-effective strategy with higher conversion rate, lifelong value, real-time flexibility and accurate targeting with guaranteed results from qualified prospects.

Components include a targeted campaign because you just don’t throw it out there and wait it out – you must have the perfect audience for your brand to create relevant traffic. Through qualified leads, etisalat by e&’s bespoke OPM service builds, manages and optimises marketing campaigns that actually convert to excellent sales.


The Online Presence Management likewise has a media buying component for an improved ad performance where a successful Paid Search, Keyword Planner strategy is created that matches your brand’s requirements, and thus, making your business stand out from the crowd to make a difference from the other brands, ergo more interesting.

End of the day, the Online Presence Management will drive traffic to your website, provide you with a stream of good leads, boost your sales and introduce you to new and promising customers.

Meantime, still another component of the Online Presence Management is the landing page platform – that standalone web page that a person ends up with after clicking from an email or other digital site and from which are encouraged to know more and buy your products or avail of your services 

etisalat by e&’s landing page helps you get the most from the leads your campaigns have generated for a higher traffic conversion. This is done through a branded landing page to capture these leads. The landing page is also responsive and adaptive to different screen resolution with an online contact form and custom form fields based on your requirements. Additional sections can be added upon request.

Lastly, the Online Presence Management service under etisalat by e&’s the Digital Solutions also keeps an eye on your campaign through performance tracking which involves real time campaign reporting.

This is done through an online control panel and mobile phone app that make it easy to track your campaign’s performance from anywhere, 24-7.

On the report are ad impressions and click through rate, number of visits and queries, conversion rate and customer details.

The plans come in Basic Presence, Premium Presence and Ultimate Presence packages. Indeed, etisalat by e&’s Online Presence Management has everything thought out, you can never go wrong building an empire.