Upgrade to a latest device and enjoy 120GB data!

Buy any new device for your business and get free data*

The optimum combination for peak productivity

e& now offers device and data bundles to help all business professionals maximise their productivity wherever, whenever. It is not enough to just purchase a new business device, you also need mobile data that is as flexible and capable as your device.

 Choose the device that best fits your business needs and get a monthly free data allowance of 10GB, 6GB, and 4GB, respectively.


Mobile Devices

Revolutionise your business with state-of-the-art mobile devices equipped with 12 months of data on us.

Starting From

116 AED/month

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Elevate your business efficiency with portability. Comes with up to 120GB of complimentary data.  

Starting From

103 AED/month

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Wearable accessories and 48GB of data on us, tailored to enhance your tech ecosystem.

Starting From

113 AED/Month

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Users can get up to 120GB of free data distributed in a span of 12 months by subscribing to this bundle. Customers will be able to enjoy either 10GB, 6GB, or 4GB of free data per month based on the value of the purchased device. See the table below for more details.




AED 5000 and above

10GB free monthly

AED 3,500-4,999

6GB free monthly

AED 2,000-3,499

4GB free monthly


At e&, we are always eager to offer a wide range of innovative devices designed to meet your unique business needs. We highly encourage you to reach out to us with your interests and inquiries.

While we strive to maintain a comprehensive inventory, the availability of specific devices is subject to change. Rest assured, our dedicated team of experts will do their utmost to assist you in finding the best devices tailored to the specific demands of your business.

  • This offer is valid both for new and existing e& Business Customers.
  • The offer only applies to selected devices.
  •  Free data allowances not used by the end of each month will not carry forward to subsequent months.
  • Promotion duration is 3 months.
  • The free data add-on will automatically be activated upon device purchase. 

1. What is the promo for devices we're offering to all e& Business Customers?

The promotion provides Business Customers who purchase a new cellular device from e& with a free monthly data add-on for 12 months, with the allowances varying according to the device's price category.

2. Who qualifies for this promotion?

The promotion applies to both new and existing Business Customers.

3. What is the activation process for the free data add-on?

The free data is activated automatically at the time of device purchase.

4. Which devices are part of this promotional offer?

A wide selection of cellular devices is included in this limited-time offer.

5. What is the monthly free data allocation for customers under this offer?

The monthly free data amount varies from 10GB, 6GB, and 4GB based on the purchased device's value.

6. Can customers carry over unused free data to the following month?

No, any unused free data add-on does not carry forward to subsequent months. Hence, it must be used within the same month.

7. Are devices sold at a subsidised price included in this offer?

No, the offer is only valid for devices purchased at the standard prices.

7. What happens to the customer's free data if they upgrade or change their device?

Customers will continue to receive the free data for the full 12-month period. They will also get additional free data as per the new device category.

9. Which payment options for devices qualify for the free data add-on?

Devices that are bought upfront or through instalment plans (12 and 24 months) qualify for this promotion.

10. Is a specific mobile plan required for customers to be eligible for this offer?

Business customers are required to have an active postpaid mobile base plan to be eligible.

11. How can customers monitor their data usage?

Data usage can be tracked through our mobile app, Business Online Portal, or by contacting customer service.

12. When does the free data benefit begin for new customers?

The free data is added to the customer's account immediately following the device purchase.

13. Is there a limit on the number of devices a customer can buy with this offer?

The number of allowed devices will follow the standard credit limit policy.

15. How will customers be informed that they have received their free data?

Customers will receive a notification once their free monthly data is applied.

16. What if a customer changes their mobile plan during the promotional period?

The customer's free data should remain unaffected by any changes in their mobile plan.