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CCTV Solutions, your invisible 24/7 superpower


07 Jan 2022

The video surveillance camera first came to fore in 1942 in Germany, invented by Walter Bruch, and used to monitor V-2 rockets. Seven years later or by 1949 to be exact, the CCTV became commercially available and has since evolved to what we now have today.
In the 1970s, banks and retailers began using video surveillance for security purposes. Today, most business establishments invest in surveillance systems – from the smallest mom-and-pop store to car park operators, gas stations and corporate offices.
Time moved on and so did the evolution of surveillance cameras where, with the dawning of the digital age, we now have cloud surveillance aside from what has become to be known as the network video recorder or NVR.
An NVR is a physical device that stores video images from a security camera; on the other hand, cloud surveillance does not require physical equipment, much less spaghetti wirings. It only needs an internet access to which video footage is sent for storage.
This explains why more and more businesses have been switching to cloud surveillance – less maintenance, higher value and better image resolution, among other reasons.
Of course, you would need cybersecurity safeguards to protect your video footage, and considering the rate at which the digital industry has been coming up with more cost-effective measures, it could mean less headache than, for instance, having to deal with running the NVR system.

To this end, came what is now called the  Video Surveillance as a Service (VSaaS) , which enables subscribers to remotely store, manage, record, play, and monitor CCTV footage in the cloud.

e& (formerly known as Etisalat Group) that is, currently operating in 16 countries across Asia, the Middle East and Africa, has come up with a stress-free cloud surveillance solution offering a range of services that fits various business needs.

Etisalat UAE, the telecoms pillar of e& provides an end-to-end solution as well as security surveillance with analytics to help you see the bigger picture; web and mobile access; business intelligence; upgradeable cloud storage and a monthly subscription model. Installation is free.

Etisalat UAE allows easy onboarding through its dedicated teams that will deploy, manage, troubleshoot and support the solution plus free training and account configuration.
Moreover, Etisalat UAE’s VSaaS offers relieve you of the burden of always having to keep an eye on your systems, and instead allow you time to focus on further expanding your business through the after sales services that the telecommunication company provides.
Also, to be considered are minimal monthly charges with no hidden costs that greatly reduce your internal resource allocation.
Etisalat UAE’s video surveillance high-speed Internet plans come in four packages – from four CCTV cameras to 32 with an affordable price range – and add-on options.

Likewise, Etisalat UAE offers  High-Speed Internet Bundles which provide high-speed internet access for smoother downloads, uploads and surfing; email accounts, website and end-point security; dedicated fiber network for business use; uncapped international bandwidth and 24-hour support.

Investing on a cloud-based video surveillance is like adding security to your business multiple benefits, including giving you that priceless peace of mind.
Here are some more thoughts to convince you. First, you can view the activity in your shop or office, or even your home, remotely. You can easily retrieve critical video-based information or evidence if necessary and make informed decisions on internal security standards, office policies and business practices.
Second, cloud-based surveillance systems mean easier maintenance and offer better customer service and support.
Third, more storage. Surveillance tapes eat up a lot of space versus the ones kept on the cloud. Data stored on the cloud also have better video resolution and are easier to retrieve with search options powered by Ai.
More importantly, cloud systems have automatic off-site data backup, meaning even if damage occurs to cameras, the cloud will protect the video data and give you access to it. It’s built to serve your purpose. So, why take a chance when you have the option to secure your business for a fraction of a cost?