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Adding efficiency to your security


08 Jul 2022

Innovation is a key component in today’s digital age revolution. And it applies to practically all businesses, small or medium, to help them operate seamlessly in a more convenient way. Not only are smart technologies safer and more economical in helping you grow your business, they are also more flexible, agile, smarter, analyses without biases, and can be remotely operated or accessed via a mobile, laptop or desktop, no matter where you are.

In the old world’s traditional way of doing business, you probably needed a security guard to keep your shop or office safe from burglars and intruders. That came with a monthly salary for standard working hours. If you want 24/7 security service, you need to hire another guard for a different shift. But that entailed two overheads, an add-on to your payroll.

While security guards will understandably continue to remain in business, their jobs can be made a lot more efficient, especially in big warehouses or offices, with the help of tech-driven solutions. For small and medium enterprises, it’s more practical to subscribe to a high-tech surveillance system that not only provides security but also other features like analytics.

In the old world of doing things, you will need people to conduct store surveys to determine consumer behaviour, which products sell the most, etc. 

But in today’s tech world, that’s all covered by machines and software surveillance solutions that never sleep and cost as little as AED 69 per month if you subscribe to Etisalat’s by e& Video Surveillance Products and Solutions.

Etisalat by e& Video Surveillance Products can safely secure your premises with a power-packed solution that comes with advanced business intelligence tools, in-depth analytics, upgradeable cloud storage, a broad selection of high-definition cameras to pick from, 24/7 access from anywhere on any device and much more.

With no upfront costs or hidden charges, starting from only AED 69 per month, you can now get complete ownership with easy pay-as-you-go fixed monthly plans including savings of up to AED 3,200 with free installation upon subscription.

Consider these benefits if you subscribe:


  • Comprehensive Solution - Inclusive of dome & bullet cameras, NVR with 45 days of local storage, free cloud storage for 7 days, video analytics & managed services
  • Security With Analytics - 24/7 security through Detector & Asset Protector. Plus, Tamper Detection in case of camera failure & Left Object Detector for unattended items.
  • Business Intelligence Tools - Reports daily Footfall Analysis, Heat Mapping plus People Count. Option to add-on Demographic & Queue Management analytics.
  • Upgradable Cloud Storage - 7 days of free continuous and event-based rolling footage with the ability of upgrading the storage to 30, 60, or 90 days.
  • Monthly Subscription Model - Benefit from a Pay-as-you-go model instead of paying upfront. Aids in efficient cost management with fixed monthly rentals and no hidden charges.
  • 24/7 Web & Mobile Access - Monitor your premises 24/7 with secured access from any device at any time using the Etisalat Business Mobile App or Business Online Portal

One of the most interesting features of Etisalat’s Video Surveillance is perhaps the analytics that it provides. With business intelligence tools, you’ll get daily footfall analysis, heat mapping and people count with the option to add demographics and queue management analytics to really get all sides covered.

e& enterprise takes pride in specialising in cyber-safeguarding with multiple digital security solutions available to comprehensively protect your business data across various formats.

Footfall analysis, odd as it may sound, is key to your business’ growth especially for retailers because it provides important data on consumer behaviour and preference – where they go inside your shop or outlet or business? What they looked for? Did they get bored and leave or were they excited? In short, footfall analysis can be a tool for an outstanding customer experience that will keep people coming back and yield exponential growth for your business.

Heat mapping, meanwhile, is a graphical representation of data where values are shown in colours to present a picture about what is functioning as planned and what is not working at all, giving you the opportunity to have a closer look on your products’ performance to boost engagement and retention.

People count is a smart tool that gives you potential insights for your business by counting the number of people going in and out of or passing by your store – customer traffic – accurately in real-time.

Demographic analytics gives you a sense of your customer base’s features like age, sex, social background, fiscal bracket and so on while queue management allows you to make an excellent customer waiting experience – from the moment they step in, to the time a decision was made to purchase something until they finally got it and leaves with a smile.

Etisalat by e& Video Surveillance products and solutions for SMEs are simply brilliant. They cost less but are packed with many benefits. It’s time to embrace smart technologies to secure and grow your business.