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Reach out to the world with the broadband that fits your business needs


16 Nov 2022

In today’s globalised world, all aspects of activities are interconnected in one powerful platform—the internet. It involves everybody, everywhere, somehow—young and old, women and men, rich or poor, etc. And for businesses, big or small, the internet is crucial to its survival. 

Indeed, the internet has become a crucial part of every company’s operation in today’s digital world. From conventional office or traditional shops or stores, most have transitioned to online or hybrid operations. And their lifeline lies on the effectiveness of their broadband connections and the telecom firms behind them.

The right connection to the internet is paramount. According to a study, most companies say they need internet faster than 50 Mbps with download speeds of up to 1,000 Mbps. For most, this is broadband, primarily because of its speed, reliability and security. Research suggests the economic and social returns for investment in broadband internet outweighs the costs involved, thus, companies prioritise this.

Speed is the top concern among businesses as they need to communicate to the outside world as fast as they can. Download files seamlessly, run sales software, stream a video and audio, communicate with customers online, among other operations-related chores. For instance, having a fast-speed internet connection enables company employees to perform their tasks faster which leads to higher productivity and happier customers.

So, what exactly is broadband connection? This is the high-speed internet connection commonly used in offices, shops, stores and other businesses. Think of it as the “Cadillac” of connectivity powered by commercial-grade internet solutions with added features.

Broadband internet comes in a many forms like fibre, DSL (Digital Subscriber Line), cable, wireless, satellite, the enterprise 5G network, among others. Each of these broadband internets has their peculiar speed and features. Let’s break it down (in alphabetical order).

  • DSL  – Provides broadband access through telephone lines with speed ranging from 12 Mbps to 100 Mbps. Recommended for small business with need for basic connections for email and web browsing.
  • Cable Broadband – Delivered through a modem, this is much faster than DSL with speeds of up to 1 Gbps. This is ideal for e-commerce, sharing large files, video streaming or conference or any remote internet activities.
  • Fibre – With fibre optic technology, data is transmitted through extremely thin, transparent glass fibres, allowing it to surpass the Cable 1 Gbps speed, making it one of the fastest types of broadband available.
  • Wireless – This connection is typically suggested for more remote locations where DSL, cable or fibre won’t work. It connects devices to the internet wirelessly using a radio signal. Speed may not be as great as cable or fibre connections but is reliable for your basic internet needs.
  • Satellite –  This is an alternative for any business that can’t access DSL, fibre or cable. The speed of a satellite broadband may be slower than DSL, but it is still faster than dial-up.
  • 5G Broadband Network – Harnessing the power of other broadband internets, 5G networks have faster speed and will allow businesses of all types to reap the benefits of enhanced mobility, reliability and security, thus, taking IoT and industrial applications to never-before-seen levels, according to experts.

In the UAE, which is fast becoming the global business hub for entrepreneurs and foreign investors thanks to its business-friendly policies and environment, there are plenty of broadband solutions tailored for your business needs.

The UAE is, in-fact, currently ranked number one for the highest Fibre to the Home (FTTH) penetration, according FTTH Council, surpassing Singapore, China, South Korea and Hong Kong. 

‘etisalat by e&’ is the brand representing the UAE telecoms pillar of e& (formerly known as Etisalat Group), operated by Etisalat UAE in its home market. In line with its refreshed strategy, Etisalat UAE is on a mission to unlock shareholder value, deliver outstanding customer experiences and drive optimal business performance.

Taking advantage of the age of ‘connectivity renaissance’, Etisalat UAE will grow core and digital services, by enriching consumers’ value propositions with digital services that cater for consumers’ new lifestyles and emerging demands beyond basic telecom services, including areas like gaming, health, and insurance. Etisalat UAE will also continue to act as the trusted partner and advisor of enterprises by enabling their connectivity and beyond connectivity requirements

Bolstering its leadership position as the digital telco that is a customer champion in a hyper-connected digital world, Etisalat UAE will pivot new, sustainable demand in future-forward spaces like private networks, autonomous vehicles, and AI. 

etisalat by e& prides itself in offering businesses a wide option of broadband solutions, which include the high-speed internet fibre-optic and 5G network.

Now, that’s an assurance that you’re in the right place to reach your business potentials. With the world’s evolving digital landscape, there’s no alternative to the impact of a good connection. And a broadband means broader connection to the global arena. 

Say hello to the world.