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Build your company’s reputation with the right words and deeds


30 Nov 2022

Words, gestures and other non-verbal communications can make or break a person’s reputation in an instant. This holds particularly true among many politicians and celebrities whose unpopular stand on issues, for instance, have caused them dearly. This can also be an edge for those who have shown heroic deeds.

Who could forget American songwriter and country singer Dolly Parton’s donation of $1 million to Vanderbilt University’s Coronavirus research that helped create Moderna’s COVID-19 vaccine with over 94% efficacy rate? Or Harrison Ford, the protagonist in the Indiana Jones series, whose character Dr. Henry Walton “Indiana” Jones, Jr., is into many adventures. In real life, Ford, a licensed pilot, has saved many lives volunteering as a search-and-rescue pilot using his personal helicopter. He has helped a number of stranded hikers on several occasions in Wyoming.

And when you think about some of the world’s most powerful companies, you’ll realise that their success, along with unique products and services, partly comes with the right communications and tools that eventually built their solid reputation globally. 

Companies create their own narrative, verbally and non-verbally, in print and online ads, social media posts, messages and statements, and even through internal communications. While many have succeeded in reaching out to their target markets, some have failed due primarily to their ads that were found offensive.

Lessons learned.

The bottom-line is this: Negative communication or messages that contradict the company’s mission can definitely affect its reputation. And a ruined reputation means bad business. 

There’s a misconception that businesses will thrive solely on its well-managed operations and management functions such as production, sales, planning, logistics, accounts, business development and so on.

Well, the truth is, in this day and age, communications matter the most in building your business. Every company, big or small, now has a face on the digital world through their website. It instantly creates an impression about the firm’s capabilities, products and services, its goals and mission.

No company is too small for a business banking account. Give it a shot. But remember to choose well. A good bank can be your best friend as you grow your business.


Internally, good communications are also a must to create a harmonious, productive and safe workplace environment. According to various studies, proper communication between managers and staff yields more productivity and a better understanding of each other’s responsibilities, thus, avoiding confusion.

Good communications internally also help create a motivated workforce, which in turn, is reflected in the performance – a crucial factor in getting more customers and sales leads.

How you communicate to the outside world and what you communicate about your company gives customers and clients a glimpse of what they can expect from you.

This is very important because it is the way to distinguish your company from competitors and clearly assert what you can offer as a brand. What you create through communications determines the success of your business. 

Many areas are considered to develop a brand—customer service, products, social media, visuals, corporate social responsibility, projects and programs, visuals and commercial ads, among others. All this combined makes up your message to the world about your company.

A good reputation or brand doesn’t need to cost you a fortune. But it does require honesty, a lot of creativity and research. People appreciate companies that are genuine and true to their words. 

As the world continues to work towards global economic recovery following the pandemic and despite the ongoing conflict between Russia and Ukraine, consumers highly appreciate companies that offer them quality and ethical products that put value for their money. And they remain loyal to these brands.

Remember, one of your major goals when you communicate to the world is to enhance the company’s credibility. Choose your words and visuals carefully. This is your way to reach out to customers, so make sure that you connect with them with the right words and approach.

Next to establishing your company’s credible reputation, you may want to put emphasis on customer recognition as one of your goals. Create something that will instantly make customers associate your company with your products or services. Strong recall means good business.

With the right communication and proper tools out there, your business is ready to soar!