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Power up your company’s growth with etisalat by e&’s digital internet or premium internet


25 Oct 2022

They say time is money. And in today’s tech world, the internet means time, money and business, all bundled together.

Not only do you need the internet to communicate with your customers and suppliers, but you also need a good connection to maintain your digital footprint, whether it’s locally or globally, manage your online sales (especially if you’re into e-commerce), social media networking and community management within your target markets, and most importantly, to run software that you need for your operations.

That’s right. The internet and other technologies have evolved into integral parts of today’s modern business landscape that if you can’t keep up, you will be left behind. There’s simply no escaping this truth no matter what type of business you’re in or whether you’re dealing with the public or private sectors for that matter.

And when it comes to the internet, speed makes a massive difference. If your internet speed is not capable of delivering communications or data within seconds or minutes, chances are you will lose opportunities. Internet speeds have increased exponentially over the years. There are different types of internet speeds tailored for homes or businesses. 

In the UAE, technology is one of the key pillars of its thriving economy. Leading the digital innovation in the telecoms industry is etisalat by e&.

etisalat by e&’s Digital Internet offers secure broadband internet services perfect for cloud-based solutions and remote workforce. The company’s Digital Premium Internet powers up your business with more high-speed dedicated internet services managed by networking and security experts to ensure uninterrupted services 24/7.

With high-speed internet, you can transfer large amounts of information or data across the web faster, while making it possible to stream video or audio in real time, do online sales and other transactions, make it easier for people across the globe browse your website faster while you operate your business and run different software solutions.

Having a digital internet is especially helpful if your business is engaged in online selling or e-commerce. Faster internet means better business exposure that leads to more transactions and happier customers.


The UAE e-commerce sector reportedly reached over US$5 billion in 2021, according to Euromonitor International, the world’s leading provider for global business intelligence, market analysis and consumer insights. By 2025, it is forecast to be valued at US$8 billion. Now, that’s a reassuring figure for those seeking to make more sales online. 

Keep in mind that behind e-commerce success is a good internet connection. This is backed up by different studies showing that fast internet service and smart technologies drive the growth of e-commerce in the UAE and elsewhere.

Here are some benefits of having digital internet or digital premium internet:


  • Increased internet speed – With better internet speed, you can immediately communicate with your customers, suppliers and other stakeholders. Staff productivity is enhanced in transmitting, downloading or recording data. Online transactions and customer service are facilitated quickly.
  • Easier Cloud Access – With better internet speed and bandwidth, you’ll have quicker access to your cloud-based data. This is particularly important if you’re roaming or remotely working for the company.
  • Better Digital Security – Faster digital internet service usually means greater protection against cybercrime as the system is designed to thwart illegal cyber activities. This saves you both time and money.
  • Supports Multiple Users – Your employees can connect to the internet all at the same time without glitches with faster internet service, enhancing their productivity while giving them adequate support to do their jobs.

Fast is synonymous to growth. And so is the case with the internet. The better internet speed you have, the faster you can do business with the rest of the world. It’s time to empower your company with the right speed with etisalat by e&’s Digital Internet or Premium Internet. It’s worth your investment.