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Protecting your assets, profitably


30 Dec 2020

A good video surveillance system is important for almost any business. After all, it's difficult to be profitable if you can't protect your assets. Small business owners now have access to immensely powerful video surveillance systems at relatively affordable prices.
Under Dubai Law, ‘Regarding Security Service Providers and Users’, important commercial sectors like hotels, financial institutions, large stores, and essentially all places that are highly vulnerable to risks or threats in Dubai needed to implement CCTV to meet and satisfy security specifications. In 2014, it expanded to owners of residential buildings and offices in Dubai to install security surveillance under new guidelines in the new amendment to the earlier law. If you do a search wherever you are, there are similar regulations across the region to ensure that the safety of commercial businesses is taken care.
Video surveillance systems have come a long way from fixed security cameras. Some of the newer systems and technology function offer features such as motion sensors and automatic mobile notifications or automatically contacting law enforcement. There are also more efficient ways to manage and store recordings, allowing business owners easy access to past videos. 

Video Surveillance as a Service (VSaaS) is now making the use of this service even easier. As a web hosted, wireless security system, it allows users to remotely store, manage, record, play and monitor surveillance footage entirely in the cloud even when there is not connectivity.

Some VSaaS providers offer tailor-made packages that make onboarding new systems easier, saving businesses time and productivity to focus on their core competencies. VSaaS operators offer an end to end solution that covers a wide range of services from sourcing the right CCTV cameras for the business to making sure it is lined to the right security and IP systems to ensure that it can function even when the site has limited or no connectivity. 

The right VSaaS solutions like those from Etisalat ensure that these systems are kept separate from the business’ regular broadband to have no impact on the performance of the network and connectivity. It also comes with analytics and the footfall analysis that provides the management with access to important business intelligence either on the web or on a mobile.

In addition to offering cloud storage, SMBs have the option of monthly subscription, reducing overall costs of operations.
Small business owners now have access to immensely powerful video surveillance systems at relatively affordable prices. When it comes to buying and implementing a new video surveillance system for business, most vendors allow a large degree of customizability, meaning you can tailor a system to your business's needs. Whether you need a widespread system that covers multiple locations or just a few cameras to watch your storefront, there's a solution for everyone.