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Power up with Etisalat’s digital signage


24 Aug 2021

We used to see them only in sci-fi movies – Terminator to Blade Runner and more. Larger than life billboards with moving pictures announcing this, advertising that. In other words, a video wall.

Indeed, they go a long way in marketing products, new launches, promoting events or making official announcements. It’s reaching out to people on a broad spectrum through catchy visuals and crisp audio.

Compared to static displays, a digital signage attracts more attention and evokes engagement with its animated content which can be instantly changed and adjusted to serve your business interest. You can control what’s displayed on screen remotely and instantly and best of all, a good internet connection is all you need to power it up.

Etisalat, is one of the world’s leading telecom groups in emerging markets currently operating in 16 countries across Asia, the Middle East and Africa, has once again made life a lot easier for UAE residents and entrepreneurs, having come up with ‘Digital Signage’ plans that go with a free 40” TV.

Businesses, including start-ups, can utilise this offer to explore the magic of digital advertising and boost brand awareness through high quality videos and high quality graphics.

As we all know by now, people spend more time watching videos online than reading texts or reports. This, as a consequence of the fast-paced nature that the digitalised world has transformed into; and so brand signage on a display screen not only effectively catches attention of, but as well send the message to even those in a hurry to get to where they are headed.
At the core of this plan is a flexible and powerful Content Management System (CMS) that controls and publishes your message or narrative on display screens across multiple sites – preferably busy ones like street corner crossing signals and other outdoor areas; malls, lobbies and restaurants to name a few.
Among the main features of Etisalat’s solution is that the CMS is customisable and very user-friendly such that it empowers users to edit content and make changes on the digital signage fast and easy.
The Digital Signage plan by Etisalat also allows simultaneous multi-screen management which can connect multiple screens across different sites with a single seamless experience for best digital advertising and brand awareness results.
There is a dedicated team tasked to deploy, configure, manage, and support your Digital Signage solution so that your digital advertising message gets across and brand awareness is created. Moreover, Etisalat’s Digital Signage team can also provide free training.

The Digital Signage plans are available with Etisalat’s Business Edge where all Business Edge Internet Bundle customers can choose Digital Signage as their Managed Device.

Etisalat’s Business Edge is an innovative and adaptable digital platform that offers a variety of essential products and services designed to strengthen every aspect of your business. It has six business-boosting categories: Smart Connectivity, Communications, Office Productivity, Security and Analytics, Business Devices and Digital Marketing.
Meanwhile, and back to Etisalat’s Digital Signage plans, another feature is a display management system, which provides for easy registration and remote management while supporting any size, resolution or orientation for high quality images, high quality videos and graphics for that impeccable brand signage on display screen.
The Digital Signage plans also have features making it possible to upload multiple images and videos of various types, resolutions and sizes.
Another thrilling part is that you can choose or create your own screen layout, add bespoke playlist content, and choose from a variety of available templates such that what you have is a customised digital signage that is best tailored for your marketing requirements and that which is augmented by a high definition display with high quality videos and graphics as well as high quality images.
The Digital Signage can be scheduled for a daily, weekly or monthly updates and changes. As well, it can incorporate real-time, relevant and informative content like current news, current time and weather on your display screens with a variety of compatible Apps to keep making the Digital Signage, with its high definition display of high quality videos and high quality graphics fresh and updated.