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Saving lives with Electronic Medical Records


18 Jul 2021

Time was when a medical check-up would mean your doctor, or an assistant, having to go to a heavy filing cabinet, leaf through the thick folders inside and pull your file out.
Not anymore.

Global digitalisation of virtually anything from restaurant takeout orders to university enrolment and healthcare has made things, erstwhile cumbersome, easier to do and fast, too. Thus, giving more much needed time to focus on the real issues at hand, in the case of the medical field, an analysis of the patient’s state of health and a treatment program through what has now become known as the electronic medical record or EMR, a cloud-based technology.

EMR, simply put, is the digital version of a patient’s chart – the whole folder accessible by the click of a mouse. It has the patient’s medical history, diagnoses and treatments by a particular physician, nurse practitioner, specialist, dentist, surgeon or clinic; in short, the patient’s medical life story, if you will.
Among its several advantages, EMR provides for better data tracking, timely reminders for patient screenings and preventive check-ups, and much better patient care.
Etisalat’s Business Edge Healthcare
Etisalat has kept residents abreast with this technological advancement at high-speed that also addresses patient billing, insurance, hospital admissions and check-outs – the whole gamut of the healthcare set-up.
Through Business Edge Healthcare, a multi-purpose, cloud-based software solution that super-boosts efficiency of healthcare facilities, Etisalat is able to provide healthcare providers valuable information about their clients or patients in presentations or formats otherwise not possible in hard copies.
EMR makes it possible for healthcare providers to, for instance, view and print graphs like weight, blood pressure, cholesterol levels as well as other vital indicators, enabling them to monitor changes. This, not to mention enabling healthcare providers to improve chronic disease management, treatment goals and the various approaches they need to do to address a particular medical condition.
The Business Edge Healthcare likewise addresses issues with hospital billings and pharmacies because of improved access to hospital laboratory data that significantly reduces duplication of tests and, subsequently, costs.
Moreover, EMR enables instant access to all the medical records of a patient, and ensures laboratory orders, medical imaging, test results, and other vital medical details are all safely secured in one user-friendly database – goodbye to that heavy filing cabinet.
Another EMR feature from Business Edge Healthcare is scalability and adaptability as it enables instant access to patient records, live video consultations with patients – telemedicine, if you will; the sending of prescriptions direct to pharmacies, setting appointments and patient check-in among others.
It has been said that prescription is that part of the healthcare set-up that has a lot of patients concerned about due to coverage rejection by some insurance companies, among other issues.
EMR from Business Edge Healthcare addresses this by enabling hospital and clinic doctors to send prescriptions directly to pharmacies, while allowing healthcare facility employees to easily manage patient billing, invoices, and insurance claims where necessary.
Moreover, relationships and communication between the hospital or clinic doctor and the patient is taken to the next level because templates for charts, medical notes and other SOPs put everyone and everything data on the same page: a clear and structured format reducing prescription errors.
Note that the structured EMR data in a healthcare set-up allows the potential to access “point-of-care” information to conduct research and further studies. Strictly followed to minutest detail in putting in data in particular fields, hospital and clinic doctors become equipped with vital practice-level information for appropriate patient intervention.
Still another – and probably the most relieving part of EMR from Business Edge Healthcare – is the virtual patient-virtual doctor consultation set-up where physical presence in the hospital or clinic is not anymore necessary. This is done through a patient app, where EMR’s built-in “Telemedicine” feature flawlessly connects patients to the clinic. The patient needs only to activate the mobile app to book appointments and request consultations.

Business Edge Healthcare is also cost-effective. For one, installation is completely free and the low monthly subscription fees make it a truly budget-friendly option.

Indeed, in this digital world, healthcare has been deservingly pushed at the juggernaut of changes because, after all, it’s all about life and living healthy.