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Beat the odds with Etisalat’s Business Edge-Internet Bundles


23 Aug 2021

Any well-meaning entrepreneur wanting to keep abreast with the changing times and its impact on how businesses are conducted can count on Etisalat’s innovative and adaptable platform Business Edge which comes on a variety of bundles – unified communication, devices, domain name, etc.—to get ahead of the game.

Etisalat Business Edge offers a variety of essential products and services meant to strengthen every aspect of a company. Anchored on innovation, customisation and value to help small and medium enterprises advance their businesses in this age of digital marketing, the bundle carries with it great value and reliability in an ever increasing globalised world.

Business Edge is based on six main pillars, the first and at the core being Smart Connectivity. This involves high-speed internet and network protection that provides security for your office environment through a next generation cloud firewall, Wi-Fi, Managed Devices and more. 
Etisalat came up with this innovative cloud solution for business noting that successful organisations live on effective connectivity solutions that add value to their systems. Keeping this in mind, Business Edge’s Smart Connectivity addresses the crucial need to ensure businesses have a smart connectivity solution that fortifies operational processes, supports employees, and keeps customers coming back for more.
The five other pillars of Business Edge are as follows: 
  • These are innovative voice and video call solutions by Business Edge that allows small and medium businesses or SMBs to connect in a secure and scalable manner in these days of the new normal. It enables employees and customers to discuss plans, strategies and other matters through video-conferencing and, as well, share documents through Etisalat’s Unified Communications, a cloud solution for business. Indeed, Business Edge’s communications and collaboration solutions got you covered no matter what size your business is because Etisalat provides communication solutions that completely fit your purpose.
  • Elements include CloudTalk Meeting, standalone virtual meeting rooms that offer high quality voice, video calls and advanced collaboration tools; and Unified Communications, integrated communication solutions that bundle online collaboration with broadband Internet, devices, security and more.
  • Business Edge’s communications and collaboration solutions have it all from virtual meetings to holistic internet bundles – digital platforms for business that save valuable time and money while boosting efficiency, collaboration and productivity.
  • Business Edge by Etisalat allows for streamlined operations through world-class services such as Office 365, An integrated experience of apps and services – Outlook, OneDrive, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and much more – designed to run your daily operations and grow your business; and DgTx, Etisalat's managed VAT solution created to better organise your VAT compliance and take care of all your requirements – in other words a much needed end-to-end VAT solution that simplifies VAT calculation and files VAT returns.
  • This fourth Business Edge pillar helps business organisations promote their business online through digital mediums and Online Marketing Services. 
  • The world’s digital landscape is constantly evolving so much so that having the right digital presence for a business can be the cutting edge that defines success. 
  • Digital Marketing from Etisalat Business Edge allows businesses to explore bespoke solutions that grow your business and bring it to new heights as well as wider markets. It is comprised of cost-effective services catering to your digital marketing requirements to ensure that your business establishes a unique online presence.  
  • The fifth Business Edge pillar comprises a suit of business devices for SMBs to choose from. There are 2 forms of devices. First are the standalone smartphones where you get to choose the perfect match for your business needs – from iPhone 12 and Samsung Fold to Galaxy S10 Plus and Huawei Mate 30 Pro G among others.
  • The other are the managed devices like Firewall, TV, WiFi router, among others, which are offered for free with Business Edge. And so you can choose, when buying an internet bundle, from 2-line entry level IP phones, to executive video phones, touch screen conference phones, and managed WIFI devices, among others.
  • The last, but equally vital, among the pillars of Business Edge counters cyber threats through cost-effective solutions. Business Edge equips SMBs with video surveillance, which are more than just CCTV as it provides all-in-one video security solution that safeguards businesses, while at the same time, providing business-boosting analytics; thermal cameras, advanced Endpoint Security for PCs and Android devices, and mobile security through high-level anti-virus systems and intuitive firewalls, among others, to help SMB operators run their businesses in a safe and secure way.
This, bearing in mind that dependable security and protection in the modern business world is more crucial than ever with hackers in our midst.