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Your Space in The Cloud


01 Mar 2021

Remember that popular meme about a wife telling her husband she needed space? The loving husband gave the wife an external hard drive with huge gigabyte capacities much to her dismay. Funny!
But these days, it’s out with the hard drives and in with the cloud, our personal space in another dimension.

Cloud computing has been around for the past 20 years, approximately, and experts agree that in the digital world era, there’s no way but up, up in the sky.

Much has been written and discussed online about why cloud computing is the next best thing to happen since the invention of ice cream. But what it all boils down to is cost-saving, and a lot of other magic.
Cloud computing does away with layers upon layers of operational expenses spent on paying for humongous amounts of disk and storage space as well as installing and upgrading software.
It’s what the IT gurus call “a la carte, incremental way” of paying for the applications only when you use them; and there’s a bonus too – some applications come free of charge.  
What this does is save you a lot of money especially in the area of maintaining in-house servers. 
If this does not sound convincing, then maybe the numbers will. Studies have shown that up to 69% of businesses were already using cloud technology and 18% say they plan to implement cloud-computing solutions at some point. 
What this points to is an increasing number of tech-savvy businesses and industry leaders realizing the multiple benefits of the cloud-computing trend, which include a more efficient operation, a better-served customer base and an awesome upward swing in profits. 
So why does everybody need a space in the cloud?
More than the savings, cloud computing is also definitely a lot less stressful to use. No need to download or install software because it’s all already done up there. Also, there is to enjoy – indulge in, if you will – an unlimited storage capacity compared to hard drives. And should you require more space, for storage that is, the ever-adaptable cloud can, at a blink of the eye, provide more for a bit bigger monthly fee.

Another wonderful cloud magic is that as it is just up there hovering, anyone among your peers and staff can access it from anywhere using just about any device that uses the Internet. 

The keyword is automation. Aside from infinite storage capacity, cloud computing constantly keeps its software updated with the latest version, so you never have to worry about it. Furthermore, synchronicity of your files with your devices as well as back-ups are automated. This means, all your devices are on the same page all the time. 
With the cloud’s agility and numerous other benefits, you’d notice that it does most everything such that you can move forward making important decisions on how more efficiently to run your folio or your company.
More to the point, you relieve yourself of the need to refer to an IT staff for maintaining the servers, updating software and debugging. What they are left to do, and which is far more important, is focus on increasing your company’s return on investment.

Security? Your data is better kept offsite than in in-house servers. This is so because authorities have repeatedly stressed time and again that a “staggeringly high percentage” of data thefts happen internally, having been masterminded by unscrupulous employees.

Yes, of course, there is a valid point in being concerned about cybercriminals remotely getting access to your data in the same way you do. But consider that a cloud host’s foremost task is to meticulously monitor and ensure security, which by itself can be markedly more effective than having the usual in-house system do it.
And so, all said, there indeed is no better time to “get your head in the cloud,” as the experts would say, as cloud computing gains widespread use as the 21st century goes digital.