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Upgrading your wi-fi game


05 May 2021

Work has certainly become easier since we all got on the Internet and through the various standards and protocols set up, especially the past year, it has been a lifesaver for businesses.
Wi-Fi 6 is the sixth generation of standard Wi-Fi. It offers improved coverage and device performance, whilst providing speeds up to four times faster than Wi-Fi 5 and with more capacity for businesses & homes environments alike. 
After its introduction in 2018, Wi-Fi 6 is rapidly changing the way users connect and can now be used across many devices including routers and smartphones. This is where Etisalat excels in providing a strong support structure to businesses from the hardware (whether that is your phone to the router to the rest of the network requirements) to the software to help you set up and manage the network and ensure better performance.


Managed Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi 6 complements the new wireless business environment. In addition to some incredible speeds that Wi-Fi 6 supports, it also handles multiple wireless device connectivity, in a more efficient manner. 

Each managed Wi-Fi service from Etisalat comes with Wi-Fi 6 certified networking, and includes software defined access and aggregation switches with PoE support. Etisalat’s Managed Wi-Fi & Networking solution is SASE (Secure Access Service Edge) ready and supports Wi-Fi 6, which enables secure and swift cloud adoption, helping both users and devices experience secure cloud access to applications, data and services. 
Etisalat’s end-to-end cloud-managed Wi-Fi solution is a scalable, flexible and secure offering that builds a robust network compatible with today’s dynamic business needs. The cloud-native, managed platform employs artificial intelligence, data analytics and machine learning to deliver an ultimate user-centric Wi-Fi experience. Catering to the varied demands of capacity, coverage, size and density requirements, this enterprise-grade managed Wi-Fi solution is powered by leading global WLAN & networking vendors and offers new age apps for collaboration, IoT, while high-bandwidth intensive apps will have more predictable performance capabilities.
Partnering with Etisalat for your critical network and Wi-Fi 6 requirements also brings with it granular access control and zero-trust security guest Wi-Fi access. This means that your employees, business partners, customers and IoT devices stay reliably connected at all times, and accesses new applications while delivering optimum performance to the existing apps.
Some of the benefits of outsourcing your business Wi-Fi to Etisalat through its Managed Wi-Fi service is that it not only comes with an end-to-end service but because it is ready to go, it can be deployed immediately anywhere, comes with a flexible commercial options that allows you, as a business owner or IT manager to create a bespoke Wi-Fi architecture, 24/7 proactive monitoring and its compliant with UAE regulations. 
As businesses are readily moving/switching to a hybrid work environment, security is becoming more crucial than ever. The workforce accesses the business critical applications from anywhere, using the network available to them. With the advanced managed Wi-Fi 6 embedding security as an integral part of the solution, businesses can now be at ease when it comes to security threats. Wi-Fi 6 is much more than just rapid speeds, it’s about improved network performance even when multiple devices or users are connected.