A simpler way to renew documents

Complete your mobile registration via Business Online Portal

Bringing convenience to your fingertips

1. Prepare clear digital copies of your Trade License & Establishment Card
2. Download the UAE Pass App & get registered using your Emirates ID
3. Then, log in to Etisalat’s Business Online Portal by signing in with UAE Pass
4. Renew your mobile registration by updating the expired documentation listed under your Party ID
5. Retrieve your Emirates ID using UAE Pass & ensure that you have enabled ‘secure document sharing’
6. Finally, upload your company’s updated Establishment Card & Trade License & click on submit!

   You may also view a step-by-step guide here.


Your guide to UAE Pass

  1. Download the UAE Pass App
  2. Sign up to UAE Pass using your Emirates ID
  3. Verify your registration through facial recognition or by visiting the nearest kiosk with your Emirates ID
  4. Tap on Add Document and add your Emirates ID under Federal Authority For Identity, Citizenship, Customs & Port Security
  5. You’re done!



About mobile registration through Business Online Portal

How long does it take to renew documents for mobile registrations?

It takes 2 business days for our team to verify and approve your documents after you have uploaded your latest documents.

Why do I have to renew my mobile registration?

This is in line with the most recent regulatory requirements to ensure that your records are updated within our system. Failing to do so would impact your mobile-related activities.

What are the consequences of not renewing my documents for mobile registrations?

If your company documents are expired, you will not be able to place mobile orders such as SIM Transfer, Number Portability, SIM Replacement, New Activations or anything mobile-related until your documents are updated in our system. Furthermore, should this exceed the grace period of 60 days, your outgoing calls and data services will be impacted.

Will my mobile activities be stopped as soon as my documents have expired?

No, they will not be stopped immediately. You will have a grace period of 60 days to submit your most recent documents. Your outgoing calls and data services will be barred if the documents haven't been submitted within this period.

Will I be charged to re-register?

No, there are no charges attached to this.

Can I complete my mobile registration without signing in with UAE Pass?

To complete your registration, you are mandatorily required to sign up to UAE Pass. This is a pre-requisite to verify your ID.

Will I be notified of my documents expiring?

Yes, you will be updated through notifications to your registered email ID, and number when your documents are near expiring.