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SMB Awards 2018

The 1st Edition of Celebrating SMB Success Stories.

Etisalat SMB Awards 2018 – Highlights

We applauded and celebrated the outstanding achievements of the most prominent SMBs in March, 2019.

With several award categories in the roster, several registrations and a thorough, in-depth evaluation by our prestigious auditing partner, Kreston Menon, the proud winners of SMB Awards 2018 were:



SMB of The Year Award

Black Tulip Flowers

The Smart Solutions Award

Farnek Services


The Digital Transformation Award

Jacky's Business Solution


The Start-up of the Year Award

Farmchip General Trading


The Innovation Award

IRIS Health Services


The Positive Social Impact Award

Toys with Wings


The Young Entrepreneur Award

Junkbot Robotics


The Technology Disruptor Award

RPMA Communication & Wireless System Equipment


Emirati Entrepreneur Award

A.J. Arabia


The Community Care Award

Rahma-Cancer Patient Care Society


The Sustainability Award

Enerwhere Sustainable Energy

Recognition for the most prominent businesses at Etisalat's SMB Awards 2018!

This platform is powered by our constant service mantra for SMBs, which is, “Your Business Grows with Us.”

The first edition of SMB Awards 2018 was launched in October 2018 and received an overwhelming response with extensive submissions from entrepreneurs and SMBs across all industries from the region.

After an in-depth evaluation by our prestigious auditors, Kreston Menon, the awards were held in March 2019 and were attended by Ali Ibrahim, Deputy Director-General, Department of Economic Development, Dubai and Abdul Baset Al Janahi, CEO, Dubai SME, along with the senior management of Etisalat.

As the proud host of Etisalat’s SMB Awards, we continually endeavour to recognise, honour and motivate the top achievers by celebrating the ever-growing successes of the business community.

Understanding The Auditing Process

The appointed auditing partner, Kreston Menon, evaluated the nominations based on various factors such as eligibility criteria, business model, blueprints, growth paradigm, innovation strategies and achievement intentions to determine the most promising participants.

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Meet The Auditing Partner

Kreston Menon is an Independent Member of Morison KSi, UK - a global association of independent accountants, auditors, tax advisers, business consultants and lawyers established to meet the comprehensive needs of clients. With a team of over 450 professionals across the region, they offer holistic solutions in multiple domains to help their clients create Better Businesses – Globally.