Hello Business Pitch 3

Accelerate your business with cash prizes worth AED 350K!

The ultimate boost, Hello Business Pitch 3 returns once again
with cash prizes worth AED 350,000!

1 Competition, 2 Categories, 3 Winners for each. Are you ready?

The U.A.E. is considered to be one of the prominent countries in fuelling innovation, digital transformation, nurturing the entrepreneurial mind-set and thereby achieving limitless progress. In line with this vision and after 2 successful series in 2018 and 2020, we are thrilled to return for the 3rd edition of Hello Business Pitch with an exciting twist.

As the constant enablers of SMBs, this time, we come forward, presenting aspiring startups and the nation’s disruptive ideators, a chance to participate in Hello Business Pitch 3!

In addition to offering existing startups that are up to 3 years old an opportunity to grow and scale their business to new heights by pitching their journeys and forecasted growth, we also present a brand-new prospect to ambitious individuals that have a framework, idea, and business model but haven’t commenced operations yet. This category encourages and invites individuals to innovate and create solutions, services and products that support the national growth agenda and respond to the ongoing societal and economic transitions.

Why pitch?

Grow Your Professional Network & Engage With Potential Investors



Increased Brand Awareness Through The Competition’s Marketing & PR
Chance To Boost Your Capital With Cash Prize Rewards



Prospect Of Becoming An Award Winning Business Entity



Leverage Your Experience & Learnings To Build Business Credibility



What would you stand to win?

6 cash prize opportunities, 3 for each category, awarded to the top participants

The Disruptive Ideators
AED 40,000

Worth of Cash & Business Solutions for the

AED 30,000

Worth of Cash & Business Solutions for
1st Runner-up

AED 20,000

Worth of Cash & Business Solutions for
2st Runner-up

The Ambitious Startups
AED 120,000

Worth of Cash Prize for the

AED 80,000

Worth of Cash Prize for
1st Runner-up

AED 60,000

Worth of Cash Prize for
2st Runner-up

So how does it work?

Simple. Identify which category you would come unde Ideators or  Startups and get registered. Submit your details with relevant supporting records/documents, and upon being shortlisted and verified, you will be guided on the steps to follow. Three businesses under each category stand a chance to qualify as one of the six top businesses in the region, plus take back a generous cash reward too!


Categories & Eligibility

The Disruptive Ideators

This segment of the Hello Business Pitch is a brand-new category which invites teams and individuals who have a business idea and ready concept, product or service prototype, growth plan and a financial framework, ready to be set into motion. There would be a total of 3 winners announced from this category who stand a chance to win cash prizes to begin their business journey. 



Eligibility Criteria for the Ideators

Participants of this category are required to fulfil the following criteria in order to be eligible to apply:

•  You should have a proof of concept and prototype

•  Your product or service should be tested by a valid set of target audience

•  A growth plan with a business framework and forecast

•  You should be based in the UAE

•  Your product or service is Tech or Digital-related

The Ambitious Startups

This segment of the Hello Business Pitch is an existing category which invites SMBs and startups of 1 to 3 years old to pitch their existing business, its products or services, progress so far along with a growth plan and financial scalability model. There would be a total of 3 winners announced from this category who stand a chance to win cash prizes to grow their business to its true potential.



Eligibility Criteria for the Startups

Participants of this category are required to fulfil the following criteria in order to be eligible to apply:

• Your team should have a minimum of 2 members with your business being 1 to 3 years’ old

• Your business should be registered and based in the UAE

• Your product or service should be in its working/operating stage with proof of revenue and cash flow of your business.

• A forecasted growth plan of your business framework along with its estimated value

• Your product or service is Tech or Digital-related

• You have not won any of the previous Hello Business Pitch competitions

The Jury


We have summoned a Jury panel for Hello Business Pitch 3, that encompasses of some of the most prominent business leaders and experts across a vast range of industries in this region with a proven track record of business success and background in leadership, mentoring, financial investments, entrepreneurship and much more.


The criteria of evaluation for this expert panel will include the following:

  • Sustainability, innovation and effectiveness of the product plus, the solution it proposes to offer
  • The strength and ability of the proposed idea/or business to disrupt the market
  • Its rank and residence in the current business landscape
  • The expected or current revenue and business model
  • Future forecast and growth direction


eCommerce_Jury members
Ameera Khalid

Vice President
Investor Relations and External Communications
Waha Capital

eCommerce_Jury members
Esam Mahmoud

Senior Vice President
Small & Medium Business
Etisalat by e&

eCommerce_Jury members
Gabrielle Inzirillo

Head of Market Development
Financial Technology & Innovation
Financial Services Regulatory Authority

eCommerce_Jury members
Hussam Mohsineh

Program Manager
Microsoft Reactor Middle East & Africa

eCommerce_Jury members
Lamya Al Fahim

Vice President
Finance – Operations
e& Group Finance

eCommerce_Jury members
Mohamed Al Binali

Growth & Strategy

eCommerce_Jury members
Mariam Abdulrahman 

Head of Initiatives Development - SME Development, SMEs Sector
Dept. of Economic Development – Abu Dhabi

eCommerce_Jury members
Sonia Gokhale

Founding Partner

eCommerce_Jury members
Shereen Mitwalli

CEO & Founder
Naqqe Technologies and Onstage International

To all participating candidates

An intensive assessment of hundreds of applications was carried out., whereby the top candidates were shortlisted. View the shortlisted Ideators and Startups below. If you made it to the next round, you will be contacted by our team with the steps to follow. 

About the Training Session

Each of the shortlisted participants from the respective categories will receive an articulate training session after the First Pitch Round to help them enhance and perfect their final pitch to the jury. This session will comprise of industry-leading tips on business planning and scaling, value proposition, marketing and financial strategies, customer journey mapping, and much more. This training session is mindfully designed to ensure the readiness of all participating businesses to put their best foot forward and face the leading experts in the region!

Meet the Trainer

A trailblazing leader with immense experience in Service Industry, Operations, Logistics, Supply Chain, E-commerce, Digital Transformations, and plenty more. Driven by his passion of cultivating exemplary talent, Hussein is committed to fostering individuals with real-world advice.

Trainer 588x250px

Hussein Wehbe
Founder & CEO at PlugMena

Hussein Wehbe’s passion lies in Service Excellence & Leadership and boasts numerous professional triumphs. He currently leads PlugMena, a practical leadership, logistics & delivery advisory boutique that delivers functional guidance to young businesses and ambitious startups.

He believes in strength through people and enables high-performance cultures by leading, supporting, and empowering individuals.