SMB Awards 2024

Celebrating Business Excellence

Recognising Business Innovation and Growth


The prestigious SMB Awards 2024 is back! We are thrilled to have you join us in celebrating the remarkable achievements of outstanding businesses and their inspiring leaders. The awards are a testament to the importance of recognising and honouring the unparalleled performance and growth of businesses that have truly made a difference.

We invite you to explore our website to learn more about the award categories and submission guidelines. Together, let us celebrate the accomplishments of those who have pushed the boundaries of business excellence and set new benchmarks for success. We look forward to your participation in this grand celebration!

The Journey

Strategic Partner

Established in 1994, Kreston Menon is a leading Audit, Business Consulting and Accounting firm in the UAE.

It's ranked 6th locally and is affiliated with Kreston Global, the 13th largest global accounting network, present in 115 countries.

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Meet The Jury

Award Categories

Nominations are open for

e& SMB customers in the UAE


3+ years old with up to 250 employees

Has implemented digital transformation projects

Demonstrated growth contributing to their success

Emirati Business Award

Open for Emirati Businesses that showcased growth rate, innovation, digital excellence, and significant contribution to the UAE economy

Technology Award

Open to IT, Coding, AI, Web and Software Development, Fintech, and related businesses that have excelled in their digital transformation journey

Social Impact Award

Open for businesses that implemented innovative digital solutions to address societal challenges and profoundly impacted local communities

Women in Business Award

Open for women-led businesses that successfully scaled using digital technologies, have a significant influence in the industry, with notable impact on the business landscape

Construction & Real Estate Award

Open for developers, real estate agencies, brokers and property organisations demonstrating exceptional results and digital excellence

Healthcare Award

Open to healthcare providers demonstrating digital clinical excellence and community engagement, including telemedicine and teleconsultations

Retail Award

Open to physical retail outlets and e-commerce storefronts that have exhibited excellence in areas such as exceptional online customer support, advanced digital display, digital payments, an exemplary customer journey

Hospitality Award

Open to hotels, tour operators, experience providers, wellness facilities, and related businesses that have showcased digital transformation projects, innovative solutions, and business expansion

Sustainability Award

Open to organisations that have excelled in digital disruption initiatives in the fields of renewable energy, waste management, AgriTech and Net Zero Initiatives

E-Commerce Award

Open to e-commerce storefronts, delivery companies with digital integrations, and related businesses that have excelled digital transformation projects and enhanced customer experiences

Media & Marketing Award

Open to businesses that have successfully implemented digital marketing strategies and established a strong online media presence

Robotics and Automation Award

Open for businesses who successfully implemented software robots to automate.

Artificial Intelligence Award

Open for businesses who developed and implemented successful AI solutions across various industries and domains.

SMB of the Year

Open to businesses excelling in all domains, encompassing digital transformation, financial growth, and customer experience